15 Powerful Tips for Time Management


Date: 28 May 2021

15 Powerful Tips for Time Management

There goes a proverb, "Time waits for none." Time flows on its own rules, and no one can stop it. 

I keep wondering how some people can do lots of work in a short span. I mean, we all have the same 24 hours; how can they maintain a healthy and well-organized life. Hence, one day I asked a wise man, "what magic trick do they play to take advantage of the entire 24 hours without wasting a bit of it?" His reply was something like this "Time management is an art of practice and not a magic trick." And he shared some tips for time management at work. 

In this article, I will share a few Time Management Tips with you which will help you improve your efficiency should you implement them in your life. 

1. Prioritize your important task
2. Always aim to follow a system
3. Enhance your work efficiency
4. You have to learn to neglect
5. Decluttering the mind By De-stressing
6. Be strict toward distractions
7. Setting a time limit for self is important
8. Don't delay your work
9. Learn to utilize the waiting time
10. Multi-tasking might not be a great idea
11. Try to understand your weak point and strength
12. Carry your Perfectionist self
13. Use an organizer to plan
14. You should comprehend your limits
15. Take that much task that will give you a result


  • Prioritize your important task
    Remember, when you concentrate on a particular task depending on its importance, it makes a roadmap in your brain, and it helps to comprehend how to complete the work. After completion of the critical task, you will have an enhanced self-confidence. When you start a day with such an outstanding achievement, it will encourage you to dive into the rest of the day's work.


  • Always aim to follow a system
    When you prepare a routine for a day, you get to know how much time you get to complete your following tasks. The advantage of preparing a routine is that it makes you organized. Try to absorb these constructive practices into your lifestyle.


  • Enhance your work efficiency
    You must have listened to the standard concept of working more innovative rather than working harder. The line purports that despite working for a long span, take breaks. Try to take a break of 15 minutes after every single activity before proceeding to the next one. Then plunge to the next task with a fresh approach. This will help you to enhance your work efficiency. 


  • You have to learn to neglect
    Many unnecessary things around you don't need attention, but you give attention to those facets, which makes you lose your precious time. If you want to manage your time and do extra work, you have to learn how to overlook these unnecessary facets.


  • Decluttering the mind By De-stressing
    Try to meditate every single day. Maintaining a healthy life by eating healthy food, exercise, and spending time with your family and friends can help you avoid stress. A de-stress mind will act as an alarm. It will remind you to declutter your mind if you lose your time in unnecessary facets.


  • Be strict toward distractions
    In recent days, we all are addicted to our mobile, spend lots of time browsing social media platforms or playing games. Browsing mobile can drain your time as well as your time. So, ensure that when you are working, you will not use your mobile until there is an emergency. Always give your full attention to the work at hand.


  • Setting a time limit for self is important
    While you are making your routine, set a particular time limit for the work. It will help you to plan your goal and also help you to utilize the time appropriately. You must plan your task before commencing your day.


  • Don't delay your work
    Will you like to find yourself stuck with heaps of work? No, right! Even if you see that you have been left with too much neglected work, keep reminding yourself that you have set a goal for the day. Hence, please take a deep breath, jump into the incomplete task, and finish it as soon as possible.


  • Learn to utilize the waiting time
    We all spend many hours waiting. It will be better if I say that we waste lots of time waiting in traffic, waiting for food in a restaurant, and so on. We have to learn to channelize those wasting hours. Try to arrange your waiting time according to your present goals.


  • Multi-tasking might not be a great idea
    Don't attempt multi-tasking, and it can end up giving you another incomplete task. Do specific tasks at one time. While making a routine for the day, draw a specific timeline for a particular task. If you get extra free time, you can utilize it by doing your incomplete work before starting the next work slot.


  • Try to understand your weak point and strength
    This point is critical; you must keep in mind your strength and weak points while making the routine. Try to finish all the easy and important tasks as soon as possible. In the end, take your time and complete all your tasks. Always keep an eye on your strength and weakness.


  • Carry your Perfectionist self
    Take your work without constraining your behaviors. Whenever you get the job, take it wholeheartedly. Complete it in your style without interfering with someone else's space. The main concept of delegation is to decrease the work pressure, so don't conjugate an extra burden on your shoulders.


  • Use the organizer to plan
    Make use of an Organizer or a calendar to enumerate the to-do list. These apps on the phone can be of great help. It will act as an alarm and will remind you about your incomplete task.


  • You should comprehend your limits
    Every person has their limit. Always comprehend your capability. Draw a line for yourself, depending on your capability. Do as much work; you can complete it on time without stressing yourself.


  • Take that much task that will give you a result
    Don't take tasks that you can complete promptly. Be smart and pick those works that will bring excellent outcomes for you. Invest your time wisely.


Once you start practicing these tips in your life, you will be amazed to see how much benefit you are getting. These tips will help you to get your control back over Time as well as in your life.