8 Awesome Tips to Grow Your Business During the Pandemic


Date: 10 May 2020

8 Awesome Tips To Grow Your Business During The Pandemic

The current pandemic has brought many unpleasant surprises. A lot of businesses have badly suffered. Many companies are working remotely with limited staff and have experienced a drop in their sales revenue. However, even during these setbacks, there are various ways where your business can grow and make the most of the current phase.

Here are 8 expert tips that will help you meet your sales target, keep your customers engaged, and grow your business.

Analyze your business – see where you stand

One of the most important steps is, to begin with analyzing your business, getting an overview of the current state of your organization, and reorganizing the business needs as per the ongoing situation.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Identify the primary objectives of your business and prepare a plan to suit the current situation
  • Check the status of your finances as well as inventory
  • Study your brand value
  • Conduct a thorough gap analysis

A gap analysis will help you understand the difference between the actual performance of your business and the desired results. This analysis will identify what needs to be done in the future and what are the resources, amount of time, and money required to achieve the desired results. So, a careful and detailed gap analysis will bridge the disparity in your business, if any.

During a pandemic, it is vital to keep the financial health of your business healthy.

To achieve the most desired results and maximum benefits, you can opt for competent accounting software like BUSY that helps keep the financial health of your business organized and steady. Moreover, it also helps to reduce errors, controls cost, saves time, and automates repetitive processes. This will prepare you for any hurdles in the process of business growth during the pandemic.

Check what your competition is doing

Research always helps. In this time, some businesses are suffering losses more than others. Check what your competition is doing and what you can learn from them. You can either learn from their mistakes and avoid using those strategies in your business or implement the tactics that are working for them. This is a great way to unlearn and relearn the ideas that might work for your business during the pandemic.


Various businesses implement macro as well as micro strategies. Some of these might not fit your industry. That is, why it is essential to first, understand what are the strategies that are working for your competition and then shortlist those that will fit the specific requirements of your business.

Adapt to the current market trends

Market trends during the pandemic are challenging to forecast. But do not worry about it. This can work out in your favour. To adapt to the ongoing market trends, you must quickly spend some time understanding the market trends and see how you can rework on your business structure. This does not mean that you must change your business model, but adapting to a new structure can mean either brand repositioning or marketing your product more remotely.


All in all, adapting to the current trends can help open a new revenue opportunity for your business. If you are successful in monetizing on this during the pandemic then once this phase is over, you will see your business diversify for good.


Move to digital wherever you can

Switching online business will be easier for some industries as compared to others. For example, if you are already running an e-commerce or software company, most of your business operations are digital. But if you are a fitness trainer or someone who is running a face-to-face business, then the current times seem harsh. But there is nothing to worry! There are many ways to move your business online and earn profit from it.


To make your digital business work, you will first have to strategize on how you can go online. So, if you are a fitness trainer or have a gym, you can start online classes. You can also collaborate with other fitness instructors and have classes ranging from a routine workout, Zumba, Pilates, to high-intensity training. Whatever your business area, make sure to invest your time in planning and to implement marketing efforts.


Plan on improving your social media strategy

Most of the people have switched to social media during the pandemic. It is the same for businesses as well. Social media is a massive platform for promoting your business at a nominal cost. You do not even have to spend on the social media ads if your content is relevant, current, and reaches your target audience. Quality content is always a hit on social media. So, if your business is on any of the social media platforms, make sure that you post high-quality, relatable content. Let your target consumers know what you are going through. When your audience starts connecting with your content, they will begin connecting with your brand, and there will be a long-term consumer-brand relationship. Moreover, make sure your audience knows how you are following the health measures to make sure all products are safe to use. It will always help if you have implemented the anti-COVID policy.


Improve your customer relationship

This is one of the best times to sustain a long-lasting customer relationship. Your customers want you to be available to them. So, use this opportunity to build trust, which will eventually help in growing your business.

  • Make sure that your website and social media page is updated from time to time.
  • Give out a toll-free number for your customer to contact you. You can tell them that you are operating with low staff, and that reply time might be longer than usual.
  • You can make delivery of products free wherever you can, or at least make it reasonably priced.
  • Reply to all your customer queries as quickly as you can. Make sure to update the reply time on your website.
  • You can increase your range of products and services.

Remember, when your customers are happy with your service, they will buy more from you. They will also recommend your brand to other buyers. This helps in building a long-term relationship.


Do not forget your employees

Just like your customers, your employees are your priorities too. It is equally important to check with your employees and see what they are looking for. In the time of the pandemic, your employees might need some extra time off as working from home can get exhausting too. This is when your team needs your leadership skills. Whether your staff requires your support or additional training and skill development, make sure that you provide them with all. After all, a successful business is the result of happy, motivated, and productive team members.


Communication message is important

You need to be extremely careful of the communication you are sending out to your customers. Pandemic is not like the usual times, and therefore, your communication will have to be more relatable. Be sure that you are communication does not sound depressing, and at the same time, it should not be careless about the current situation. Whether it is your emailers, social media posts, or newsletters, you must go through the communication material two to three times before sending it out. It is best to share positivity and hope during these trying times.



Staying motivated and adapting to the current needs is the key! You need to figure out what is essential for your business and your customers. These expert tips will help you and your business get through this pandemic smoothly. Try these and share your experience with us. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!