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At BUSY, our team is continually growing, and we're always on the lookout for people who are passionate about their work, have great talent, be it in software development, marketing, sales, or providing excellent customer experience and make them happy. If this is what describes you, feel free to take a look at our openings below and apply!

Life at BUSY

Our Culture

People at BUSY INFOTECH are its greatest asset. We, at BUSY INFOTECH, strive to provide an environment that encourages innovation and provides an opportunity to grow to one's fullest potential. BUSY INFOTECH values self-driven, disciplined and committed individuals with a high level of personal integrity and socially responsible outlook towards life.

Your Growth

BUSY beliefs in the career development of its employees through need-based development & training programmes. A strong emphasis is given on all-round development of all employees through various activities and programmes.

Your Benefits

Opportunity to learn from your seasoned, fun-loving and caring teammates. BUSY offers a great atmosphere to work from a stress-free working environment to awesome team events.

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Employee Experience

Deepak Bhatia

Team Lead
(Research and Development)

"When I was in college, I always thought of starting my career with an organization which is in a growing phase. I wanted to grow with the company. I have been part of a BUSY Team for 16+ years already and have accomplished and learned a lot. BUSY management has a remarkable ability to tap the potential in its employees and put them in a place where they can succeed. The best thing is the decree of transparency in policy matters. Senior management is approachable and receptive to new ideas. This gives you an immense opportunity to exercise your abilities, reaffirm yourself and contribute to a growing company. I have learnt and grown professionally and personally."

Arpit Tandon

Sr. Manager

"It's been an amazing experience working in BUSY. Its like a home away from home from past 6.5 years with BUSY. It has allowed me to learn, teach and of course, to earn. The best thing about the company is its team. It's a great feeling to be part of a team that is inspiring, uplifting and forward-thinking. We are encouraged to vocalize thoughts and share our recommendations related to the product. Feel blessed to be part of an organization that inspires you to be the best version of yourself, personally and professionally."

Ritika Dawar

Lead Programmer
(Research and Development)

"I am associated with BUSY for over 14+ years and right from the beginning I knew it will going to impact my learning curve for good. Freedom to express (technically as well as personally) and women friendly environment is what kept my journey with BUSY very fruitful. They care for their customers as well as employees. BUSY is an exceptional organization and feel fortunate to start my career having such strong ethics. BUSY believes and encourages team work which really helps its employees to work together for a common vision."

Saurabh Kr. Bhardwaj

General Manager
(Sales and BD)

"I have been associated with BUSY for more than two decades. I have always admired that the management do not micro-manage, and I've proven that they don't need to. This freedom to work independently allows me to maximize my efficacies and become better in my role. The people at BUSY are amazing, and there is an incredible support system within teams and as well as inter departments. We have a culture where people can reach to each other for coaching, mentoring, and advice. I attribute my success to the able leadership of BUSY. This rich experience is invaluable & I'm only half way through it as there are more milestones to achieve."

Anshu Gupta

Sr. Coordinator
(Sales and BD)

"For me, working at BUSY has proved to be a fantastic experience. It has been an incredible 12 years long association but it never felt like due to its supportive management and friendly coworkers. Strong ethics, honesty and integrity are followed not just in words but also in spirits of people working at BUSY. It offers its employees various opportunities to grow and outshine. Enough scope of engagement with senior management and periodic constructive feedback helped me to evolve in my role over time. The culture here is friendly & conducive for overall staff. It has been a great learning experience, personally and professionally."

SP Ranjan

General Manager
(Sales and BD)

"In my association with BUSY for more than a decade, I got the opportunity to work in various roles in different operations. My journey here has been quite exciting and rewarding. Colleagues and associates are beneficial and caring, and that is why we call it BUSY Parivar. I enjoyed the freedom to express my views and execute my strategies at work according to my plan. The environment here provides 360 degree learning opportunity at every level in the organization. Transparency and uniformity in policy and guidelines make it easy to understand, explain and implement, and that is why BUSY has one of the most stable employee base and loyal partner network."

Kamal Yadav

Manager - Technical Support
(Technical Support)

"There are multitude of small things that embarked my astonishing journey with BUSY since 2008. Busy maintains the culture of evolution and stays true to its values that attracts great talent. We are always provided with a positive work atmosphere that enables us to strengthen our abilities. Work is steady and well in order. I got active multi-dimensional assignments that accelerated my career growth over the time. Management is very compassionate and approachable. I adore being associated with BUSY."

Deepak Kumar

Assistant Manager
(Research and Development)

"13 years in BUSY, a perfect blend of professional and friendly setup. I always love exploring creative ideas to build simple solution. Here I got abundant freedom to explore my potential to the fullest, always taken the path that works for me. Ever motivating aura and expert guidance have shaped my career and brought me to where I stand today. I truly appreciate all my colleagues for their contribution, making me diverse, experienced, and flexible as a professional."

Shalini Narang

Sr. Technical Writer
(Research and Development)

"Fortunate enough to join the company some 15 years back and every day I find a new reason to be in love with my work and the Company. BUSY is like an extended family with its own remarkable work culture and values. Wonderful working environment, motivational seniors and colleagues - sensitive towards others feelings leading to a very balanced professional and social life. Management always focus on the growth of its employees and the organization, gives full fledge freedom to explore your potential to the fullest and respects the suggestions and feedbacks given by the employees. Life at BUSY cannot be described in words but can be felt only as you never know what you are missing!! I am privileged, thankful and contended for being part of such a prominent institution. Proud to be a BUSY employee."