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BUSY Success Stories - Sargam

Sargam Electronics has been in electronic retailing business since 1995 & is one of the biggest retail chains in consumer electronics and home appliances in Delhi. The store offers quality products from renowned brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic, AOC, Sansui, Sharp, Godrej, Hitachi, Voltas, Azure, Mitsubishi, HP, Bosch and many more & has 22 showrooms across Delhi NCR.

Key Challenges

Expanding and opening up branches prompted the owners to form multiple teams and departments who could look after working at different branches. The company has a centralized database on which employees at different branches perform data posting/query operations. A well-defined structure of the access control mechanism was required so that working at one branch does not affect the working at another branch. Moreover to cut competition within the branches it was necessary that one branch could only check the availability of product at another branch but not the price at which it is being sold to a customer of that particular branch. Multiple branches & product lines generated a massive chunk of customer data which, as they grow, could make the system slower in performing data entry/query operations. This holds true in cases where multiple users are working concurrently on the same database. So the system had to scale up to growing data & concurrent usage accordingly while maintaining its speed and accuracy. When a database is open to many users, data security also becomes a threat. Primary requirements of the company from the software were:

  • Management of inventory in multiple branches as per product-specific parameters like IMEI numbers & serial.
  • Real-time knowledge of available stock at different branches.
  • Definition of access rights for employees in different branches.
  • Handling voluminous data
  • Maintaining speed & accuracy when operating on huge customer data.

Solution Provided

BUSY's Channel Partner met with the owners of the Sargam Electronics and understood each & every requirement of the company very carefully. BUSY's Channel partner then promptly provided a solution for each of their requirement and suggested easy ways with which each requirement can be handled in BUSY. Impressed by the quick response and a solution for all their needs, they instantly decided to install BUSY in all their branches. Solutions provided to them were:

  • Serial No – wise Inventory Management – Company was able to maintain serial numbers automatically with each of the items and also to track sale/purchase warranty and installation details.
  • Office – Branch Office Module - Real-time connectivity with all branches is one of the major USP of BUSY. All the branches of Sargam Electronics are well connected through BUSY's HO – BO module and now stock availability across all the branches can be checked with just a click of a button.
  • User Management – Infinite number of Users can be created in BUSY, and access rights for each User can be defined easily and effectively. All the Sub Users are allowed/disallowed certain activities, and the branch is also tagged with the User from which he is operating.
  • SQL Database – BUSY's SQL database handled voluminous data effortlessly, and data entry/invoice generation/reports were speedy and were not at all affected by the size of the data.
  • Security Controls – BUSY provides a lot of checks & controls in the form of alerts, triggers, approvals which make data very secure.

left quote   Effective handling of numerous branches with a high volume of data is what makes BUSY stand ahead of other ERP software. BUSY has simplified all our branch work and provided a smooth billing and inventory management solution. We are pleased with the choice we have made and will recommend BUSY with other small and medium enterprises also. right quote

- Deepak Bansal (CEO, Sargam Electronics)

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