GST Billing, Accounting and Inventory Software for Agriculture Sector

Experience streamlined management excellence with BUSY, the leading agricultural software designed specifically for the agriculture industry. Seamlessly handle farm operations, efficiently manage crop production, optimize resource allocation, and ensure regulatory compliance. BUSY empowers you to simplify your agricultural business management, enabling you to concentrate on cultivating high-quality crops and driving sustainable farming practices.

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Features Designed for the Agriculture Sector

Configurable Billing
Collection Management

Efficiently manage and track customer payments, reducing outstanding dues. Gain insights into cash flow patterns and improve financial planning. Commission Management: Easily calculate and manage commissions for sales

  • Efficiently manage and track customer payments and outstanding dues.
  • Streamline the collection process by generating reminders and alerts for pending payments.
  • Gain insights into cash flow patterns and improve financial planning.
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Create a Party from GSTIN
Commission Management

Easily calculate and manage commissions for sales representatives or agents. Increase accuracy in commission calculations and generate comprehensive reports for transparency.

  • Streamlined commission calculation process, saving time and effort.
  • Increased accuracy in commission calculations, reducing errors and disputes.
  • Motivated sales representatives through transparent commission tracking.
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Barcode Printing & Scanning
Lot/Batch-wise Stock Details

Track and manage inventory based on lot or batch numbers. Minimize stock wastage and enhance product safety and compliance.

  • Improved inventory accuracy and control through lot/batch tracking.
  • Minimized stock wastage and losses due to expiration or quality issues.
  • Enhanced product safety and compliance with better traceability capabilities.
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Payment Settlement Modes
Mahajani Interest Calculation

Automate the calculation of Mahajani interest, accurately recording interest charges for financial transactions. Improve financial transparency and compliance.

  • Streamlined and accurate Mahajani interest calculations, saving manual effort.
  • Improved financial transparency and compliance with interest calculations.
  • Enhanced record-keeping and reporting for Mahajani interest transactions.
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Cash Tender
Invoice Printing in Local Language

Print invoices in bulk in the local language, enhancing customer experience and streamlining invoicing processes.

  • Print invoices in bulk in the local language for regional or multilingual operations.
  • Customize invoice templates to meet local language and formatting requirements.
  • Simplify invoicing processes for diverse customer bases.
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BUSY is a simple, yet powerful GST / VAT compliant Business Accounting Software that has everything you need to grow your business.

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