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from BUSY

Worried about shuttling between your accounting software and GST portal to generate E-Invoice? Switch to BUSY which connects seamlessly with GST portal and generates E-Invoice automatically. Besides, It also provides host of other inbuilt GST features like:

  • Auto E-Way Bill Generation
  • Auto GSTIN / HSN Validation
  • Auto GSTR-1 / 2A / 3B Reconciliation
  • E-Returns in JSON format
BUSY - Best GST Accounting Software for growing Small Business
What is Inventory Management Software?

What is E-invoicing Software?

Generating invoices and constantly switching to accounting software can be a consuming process. BUSY offers a comprehensive solution to generate e-invoices in a hassle-free manner. With our e-invoicing software, GST compliant invoices can be generated and manged online. Diverse business needs are addressed by this best e-invoicing software in India . Multiple invoices can be generated simultaneously with BUSY effortlessly.

How BUSY simplifies GST e-invoicing software

In the hectic life, multitasking is one of the integral components of accounting processes. BUSY is the one-in-all GST e-invoice software that makes daily workflow processes easier and better. Here’s how our invoicing software makes the accounting operations simplified:

  • Generate invoices online and directly upload them
  • Data validation before the invoice gets uploaded directly
  • Track outstanding e-invoices with ease
  • Cancellation of e-invoice software in India automatically
E-Invoice Software

Generate complete and ready-to-use E-invoices

  • Auto E-invoice bill generation
  • Auto GSTIN/ HSN validation
  • Auto GSTR-1/2A/3B reconciliation
  • E-returns can be filed in JSON format
  • Enter a sales transaction
  • Check the list of errors in the invoice and finalize the copy
  • Receipt of digitally signed e-invoice will be sent back to the seller or the receipt can be printed
  • Multiple e-invoices can be generated for various transactions simultaneously

How BUSY helps businesses effortlessly generate e-Invoice?​

The e-invoicing feature introduced by BUSY caters to a variety of businesses by helping them effortlessly
generate E-Invoice for their business without even going to the portal. It is highly accessible and scalable
and allows lakhs of invoices to be generated at one point of time.

GSTR 1/2A/3B Reconciliation

Error Checking

Before generating E–invoice, Users can check the possible errors that may cause problem while generating E–invoice. BUSY provides complete list of errors encountered in data and User can rectify them before generating the E-invoice

GSTR 1/2A/3B Reconciliation

Single click E-Invoice

E-Invoice for multiple vouchers can be generated using a single screen. BUSY provides a utility wherein you can select multiple vouchers using a single screen and generate separate E-invoice for each transaction.

GSTR 1/2A/3B Reconciliation

Auto E-invoice Cancellation

Auto cancellation of E-invoice on cancelling the existing voucher. BUSY will automatically cancel the E-invoice if the bill for which it was generated gets cancelled.

What is Inventory Management Software?

Why you should choose BUSY’S e-invoice software in India?

BUSY software has been designed to facilitate customized needs of e-invoicing keeping in mind the latest considerations and guidelines of GST. Besides, the additional costs are reduced by efficient and paper-less invoicing system. The optimal utilization of BUSY offers increased productivity to businesses while automating the workflow processes. Besides, following are the top reasons to choose this best e-invoicing software in India:

  • Improve customer and supplier relationship
  • Reduce carbon footprints
  • Enhance GST compliance
  • Shorten payment cycles

FAQs about BUSY E-Invoice Software

What is e-invoicing?

Invoice can nowadays be generated online by using the best e-invoicing software in India to reduce manual bookkeeping or data entry operations. BUSY is the reliable e-invoicing software that focuses on generating the standardized format of invoice while keeping out human errors through smart data validation system. After the creation of the electronic or e-invoice, it can be shared online, thereby, ensuring GST compliance.

What are the merits of using BUSY software for businesses?

From increasing the transparency in adding the accurate data through smart error or mismatch detection to increased efficiency in accounting workflow, BUSY is designed to boost the profitability of the businesses. There is a wide range of templates within this gst e invoicing software which enables users to choose the suitable option according to business needs. In addition, the electronic invoices can be tracked in real-time with our customized e-invoicing software solutions. The need of frequent audit or survey gets eliminated as the transaction details are available online always with the help of BUSY software.

Can I request for customized e-invoicing software?

Yes, BUSY is a comprehensive and smartly designed e-invoicing software which enables businesses to automate recurring accounting and invoicing processes with precision and perfection. Hence, we discuss the unique business needs of invoicing with our clients and offer tailor-made e-invoicing software solutions to simplify the daily workflow system and improving the experience of handling invoice as well as tracking outstanding payments.

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Niraj Gupta

Managing Director
Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd.

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"We are using BUSY for the past 20 Years. With its comprehensive feature capabilities like Multiple branch management, Multiple Godown management, GST, Royalties, etc. It played a pivotal role in our success and has made managing our business with ease. It is a kind of magic wand if you wish anything they give it to you."

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Amit Saraf

Managing Director
IMS Mercantiles Pvt. Ltd.

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" In BUSY, Managing Inventory at various locations, Serial No.-wise tracking, Different Pricing for various SKUs has proved to be a boon for us. The backup utility program present in BUSY keeps us worry-free and allows you to focus on your work. BUSY is a Customer Friendly Software Company with amazing backend support. "

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Rajan Dhingra

Managing Director
DNS Global

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" For accounting we are mostly dependant upon BUSY. It is very user-friendly and we have been using it for past 25 years for catering our clients of various business segments. Implementation of GST is the smoothest in BUSY. At click of a button you can come out with GST Returns and GSTR 2A Reconciliation is also very smooth. "

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