FMCG Software with Billing and Inventory Management

Revolutionize your FMCG and packaged food distribution operations with BUSY’s state-of-the-art software solution. Designed specifically for wholesale distribution, our innovative FMCG software empowers you to streamline operations, optimize chain management, effortlessly process orders, efficiently manage inventory, and maintain meticulous accounting records. Unlock the full potential of your business with BUSY’s comprehensive suite of creative features and take your distribution efficiency to new heights.

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    Features of FMCG Software with Billing

    Quotation, Order & Challan Management

    Generate and manage quotations, orders, and challans effortlessly, ensuring smooth transactions and streamlined sales operations that enhance customer satisfaction.

    • Busy’s FMCG Software with Billing helps generate and manage quotations, orders, and challans, simplifying the sales process and improving order accuracy.
    • Streamline transaction processing, reducing manual errors and ensuring prompt order fulfillment.
    • Enhance customer satisfaction through quick and accurate order processing, leading to improved customer relationships.
    • Gain better visibility into sales orders, enabling effective planning and resource allocation.
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    Complete Inventory Management
    Complete Inventory Management

    With Busy’s FMCG Software with Billing you can effectively track and control stock levels, set reorder points, manage multiple warehouses, and handle inventory by batches, ensuring accurate stock management, minimizing stockouts, and reducing carrying costs.

    • Effectively track and control stock across multiple locations, ensuring accurate stock management and minimizing stock discrepancies.
    • Optimize stock levels and reduce carrying costs by identifying slow-moving items and making informed inventory decisions.
    • Prevent stockouts and improve customer satisfaction by maintaining optimal stock levels and ensuring timely replenishment.
    • Generate detailed inventory reports and analysis to gain valuable insights into product performance, demand patterns, and profitability.
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    Manufacturing/Expiry Date
    Manufacturing/Expiry Date

    Busy’s FMCG Software with Billing can maintain detailed records of manufacturing and expiry dates, enabling proper stock rotation, avoiding the sale of expired items, ensuring regulatory compliance, and upholding product quality and customer safety.

    • Maintain meticulous records of manufacturing and expiry dates, enabling better control over product quality, compliance, and inventory rotation.
    • Ensure regulatory compliance by tracking and managing products based on their expiry dates, minimizing the risk of selling expired items.
    • Improve customer safety and satisfaction by offering fresh and safe products with accurate expiry date management.
    • Streamline recall processes by quickly identifying and isolating products from specific batches, ensuring timely and effective recalls when necessary.
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    Multiple Units for Items
    Multiple Units for Items

    Busy’s FMCG Software with Billing can manage items with multiple units of measurement, improving inventory accuracy, simplifying pricing and billing processes, and enhancing operational efficiency.

    • Easily manage and sell products with different units of measurement, accommodating diverse customer needs and simplifying inventory management.
    • Improve accuracy in pricing, invoicing, and stock calculations by seamlessly converting between different units of measurement.
    • Enhance customer service by offering flexibility in unit selection, allowing customers to purchase products in their preferred units.
    • Simplify procurement and inventory planning by accurately tracking stock levels and reorder points across multiple units of measurement.
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    Party/Qty-wise Pricing & Discount Structure
    Party/Qty-wise Pricing & Discount Structure

    Customize pricing strategies based on customers or order quantities, optimizing sales, improving customer loyalty, and enhancing profitability.

    • Customize pricing and discount structures based on specific parties or quantities, enabling personalized pricing strategies and targeted promotions.
    • Optimize sales and profitability by offering competitive pricing to different customer segments and incentivizing larger quantity purchases.
    • Enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing tailored pricing and discounts based on individual customer preferences and purchase history.
    • Streamline pricing and discount management, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistent and accurate pricing across various customer groups.
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    Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity
    Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

    Streamline operations with Busy’s FMCG Software with Billing. Save time, reduce errors, and boost overall productivity by leveraging BUSY’s features, resulting in smoother transactions, accurate stock management, optimized pricing, and improved customer satisfaction.

    • Streamline business operations by automating repetitive tasks, reducing manual effort, and freeing up time for more strategic activities.
    • Minimize errors and improve data accuracy by leveraging software features for streamlined data entry, calculations, and reporting.
    • Increase overall productivity by eliminating redundant processes and optimizing workflow efficiency.
    • Achieve better financial control and decision-making through accurate and timely accounting records, enabling informed business decisions.
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    BUSY is a simple, yet powerful GST / VAT compliant Business Accounting Software that has everything you need to grow your business.

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