BUSY 21 Accounting Software

BUSY Accounting Software is a top choice for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses, and the release of BUSY 21 Software is a big step forward in helping businesses manage their finances and accounting in the best way possible. This version isn’t just a normal update; it’s a significant change meant to meet the needs of today’s businesses.

The latest version of Busy 21 brings many major improvements and enhancements to make using the busy software more accessible and helpful.


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    Top Features of BUSY 21 Software

    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Direct Upload of GSTR1
    • Create Account Master Through GSTIN (by F4)
    • Maintain MSME Type / Udyam No. For Company & Parties
    • Direct Send Messages Through Whatsapp Api
    • GSTR 2B Reconciliation
    • Dynamic QR Code
    • E-way Bill & E-invoice Bill Cancellation From Voucher Cancellation
    • 3 Year trial Balance
    • Import Masters/vouchers From Google Sheet
    • Import Bank Statement (Excel/CSV Format Only)
    • As Per Mca Guidelines, Compulsory Audit Trial (Detailed)
    • Busy Mobile App – Cloud Sync

    Major Changes of BUSY 21 Software

    • With Detailed Audit Trail Report, get a complete look at your transactions.
    • Through Automatic Batch Number Creation, batch numbers are automatically generated.
    • You can directly import your information from Google Sheets without any hassle.

    Key Objectives of BUSY 21

    The release of BUSYWIN Or Busy 21 software, which is free to download, aligns with critical objectives for businesses aiming for financial prowess. These objectives encompass:

    • Enhanced Audit Trail: Keep track of every voucher and master event, including additions, modifications, and deletions, with the detailed audit trail feature.
    • Automated Batch Number Creation: Effortlessly manage date-wise or party-wise stock tracking with automatic batch number generation.
    • Seamless Google Sheets Integration: Import masters and vouchers seamlessly from Google Sheets, streamlining data transfer processes.
    • Streamlined Sales Process: Sales Vouchers update automatically from Sales Return Vouchers, reducing manual errors and saving time.
    • New Reports for Auditors/CAs: Access new reports tailored for Auditors/CAs, including a List of Transactions on Holidays and Highest and Lowest Value Transactions, enhancing audit capabilities.

    Other Enhancements

    • Enable seamless printing of previous year invoices
    • Eliminating the need for annual financial setting adjustments.
    • Speed optimisation for Order Processing reports.
    • Compatibility of GSTR1 for eCommerce Operators.

    Updates in BUSYApp (Release 1.21)

    1. Broker/Salesman-Specific Module: Enhance functionality for brokers/salesmen with a dedicated module. Easily tag brokers in invoices/vouchers with a single click and filter reports based on brokers.
    2. Enhanced Decision-Making with Reports: New reports like the Broker Reference Details Report, Group Wise-Stock Status Report, and Ageing Receivable/Payable offer valuable insights for better decision-making.
    3. Advanced Data Picker: Introducing an advanced data picker with multiple date options for added convenience in data selection.
    4. Improved Stock Management: The Material Centre filter is now available in Stock Status and Stock Ledger. You can easily view account/item names or aliases in reports and pick items through barcode scanning.
    5. Efficient Billing: Access Bills Receivable/Payable report directly from the ledger and seamlessly share App-generated sales invoice PDFs.

    These updates aim to address various issues and enhance usability across the platform. These improvements will significantly benefit your day-to-day operations. For the complete list of Busy 21’s latest versions, visit the BUSY Download Section.

    BUSY 21 Software Price List

    Perpetual Prices Subscription Prices
    Basic [Single-User] ₹9,999 Blue [Single-User] ₹4,999
    Basic [Multi-user] ₹24,999 Blue [Multi-user] ₹12,499
    Standard [Single-user] ₹14,999 Saffron [Single-user] ₹6,999
    Standard [Multi-user] ₹39,999 Saffron [Multi-user] ₹17,999
    Standard [Additional Count] ₹9,999 Saffron [Additional Count] ₹4,999
    Enterprise [Single-user] ₹19,999 Emerald [Single-user] ₹9,999
    Enterprise [Multi-user] ₹57,999 Emerald [Multi-user] ₹24,999
    Enterprise [Additional Count] ₹13,999 Emerald [Additional Count] ₹6,499

    For more pricing details, kindly check BUSY Price & Plans Page.


    Previously, BUSY software users experienced significant version releases, such as BUSY 16, BUSY 17 and BUSY 18, typically every 12-18 months, alongside regular minor updates within each version, like 1.1 or 1.2. However, all three version releases were discontinued long back. Now, the BUSY 21 releases have been launched under BUSY Accounting Software

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is BUSY 21?
      BUSY 21 is a new GST-ready business accounting software and is the latest launch of Busy Accounting Software. It is a user-friendly GST product for easy transactions and streamlined statutory business compliance.
    • How can I use BUSY 21 for free?
      Yes, you can use BUSY 21 for free in a 15-day trial, and if you wish to use it more, there are different pricing options you can choose from according to your business requirements. If you want to purchase BUSY 21 Software, Kindly call +91-8282828282 OR Mail support@busy.in
    • How can I download BUSY 21?
      For Busy 21 free download, visit the BUSY website > Go to Resources > Select Downloads > BUSY 21 download >
    • Where can I find the old version of BUSY 21 for download?
      Busy 21 5.3 downloads, Busy 21 4.3 downloads and other Busy 21 old version downloads will appear on the official website in BUSY Download Section > Regulatory Notes
    • Can I download BUSY 21 5.3?
      Yes, downloading Busy 21 5.3 is possible. Visit the BUSY website. Click on Resources in the header > Select the “Downloads” option, and the Busy 21 5.3 download option will appear.
    • Where can I find the latest version of BUSY 21?
      The latest version of BUSY 21 can be found on the official website. To do so, Go to the website, Click on Resources, and select Download.
    • BUSY Software Crack Version
      • Is it reasonable to purchase Busy cracked accounting software?
        Purchasing cracked accounting software may seem like a cost-saving option, but it poses significant risks. First, it’s illegal and unethical. Second, cracked software versions often contain hidden malware or viruses that can compromise your system’s security. Third, they lack the assurance of regular updates and support, leaving your business vulnerable to potential errors and glitches.
      • What is the difference between a crack and a licensed accounting software?
        The primary difference between a crack and licensed accounting software lies in their legality and reliability. A licensed software version ensures compliance with legal regulations and offers regular updates and customer support. On the other hand, a cracked version is an unauthorised version obtained illegally, often laden with security risks and lacking official updates or support.
      • Does using a cracked version of Busy Accounting Software hinder my ability to receive updates?
        There is no Cracked Version of Busy Accounting Software. Yes, using a cracked version can impair your ability to receive updates. Since cracked versions are not obtained through legitimate channels, they cannot access official updates from the software provider. As a result, your software may become outdated, lacking essential features, and vulnerable to security threats.
      • Is it legal to use cracked versions of accounting software?
        No, using cracked versions of accounting software is not legal. Cracking software involves bypassing security measures and violating copyright laws. Engaging in such activities undermines the hard work of software developers and exposes your business to legal repercussions and potential financial losses.
      • Does using cracked accounting software affect my business or personal finances?
        Yes, cracked accounting software can significantly affect your business and personal finances. Cracked versions often lack the necessary security measures and updates, making them susceptible to data breaches, financial fraud, and system failures. If discovered, using cracked software can also lead to legal fines and damage your business reputation, impacting your financial stability.
      • What risks are associated with using a cracked version of Busy Accounting Software?
        Several risks are associated with using a cracked version of Busy Accounting Software. Cracked software often contains malicious code or malware that can compromise your system’s security and integrity. Secondly, without access to official updates, your software may lack essential features, making it prone to errors and vulnerabilities. Additionally, using cracked software exposes your business to legal consequences and damages your reputation.
    • BUSY Invoice Format
      • Can we design an advance invoice format for any page?
        Yes, we can design an advance invoice format for any page, whether A4, A5, 3-inch slip, 4-inch slip, etc.
      • Can we design an advance invoice format in Landscape mode?
        Yes, in BUSY, we can design invoice format in any mode, whether landscape or portrait.
      • What image formats does BUSY Support?
        BUSY supports two types of image formats: JPEG/JPG and PNG.
      • Can we print the UPI QR Code in the Invoice from BUSY Software?
        Yes, we can print any QR Code in the Invoice from BUSY Software.
      • Can we customise the invoice format in busy?
        Yes, you can customise the Invoice Format within BUSY Accounting Software according to your preferences. Navigate to the Administration menu, then to Configuration, and click on the option—Invoice/Document Printing.
      • How do you export & download invoices in BUSY online software?
        In BUSY, you can export and download invoices in PDF/HTML/XML format. Here’s how

        Steps to Export Invoices to PDF in Busy Online

        Step 1: Log In to Busy Online
        Step 2: Enter your login credentials
        Step 3: Open the Company, Once logged in
        Step 4: Navigate to the sales invoice section
        Step 5: Open the sales invoice in modify mode.
        Step 6: Click the “Print” tab > Choose the preferred invoice format.
        Step 7: Click on the “Export” button.
        Step 8: In the export options, select “PDF” as the desired format > Click “OK” to confirm.
        Step 9: Download the PDF
        Watch for more: Click here
    • BUSY v/s Tally
      • How is BUSY a better option than Tally?
        BUSY is a better option than Tally because of its user-friendly interface and robust features tailored to diverse business needs. Its comprehensive reporting, inventory management, and invoicing capabilities surpass Tally’s functionalities, providing a seamless accounting experience.
      • Which is better, BUSY or Tally Prime?
        BUSY is a superior choice to Tally Prime. It offers advanced features such as multi-GST tax billing, digital signature on invoices, multi-company/multi-financial year support, and a complimentary Express Edition with essential features, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.
      • Is there anything better than Tally?
        BUSY Accounting Software emerges as a much more affordable and feature-rich Tally alternative. With powerful features like inventory management, invoicing, and MIS/reporting tools, starting at just Rs. 4,999, BUSY offers a 15-day free trial period for users to experience its capabilities firsthand.
      • What is the alternative to Tally software in India?
        BUSY Accounting Software presents itself as a more economical Tally alternative software. With features like inventory management, multi-company support, and robust reporting tools, starting at Rs. 4,999, BUSY also provides a 15-day free trial period for users to explore its functionalities.
      • What is the best alternative to Tally?
        BUSY Accounting Software stands out as a highly cost-effective Tally alternative. Offering features such as inventory management, multi-GST tax billing, and user-definable access rights, starting at Rs. 4,999, BUSY also includes a 15-day free trial period for users to test its capabilities.
      • Which plans are worthy of BUSY vs. Tally accounting software?
        BUSY’s plans offer unmatched value compared to Tally’s offerings. BUSY provides comprehensive solutions tailored to various business needs with features like multi-GST tax billing, the digital signature on invoices, and multi-company/multi-financial year support. Streamline your business operations with a subscription and a perpetual plan of BUSY Accounting Software.
      • Which is the best free alternative for Tally?
        BUSY Express Edition stands out as the top free alternative to Tally. Offering essential features such as invoicing and gst billing, inventory management, and reporting tools, BUSY Express Edition provides businesses with a cost-effective solution for their accounting needs.
      • What is a cheaper alternative to Tally?
        BUSY Accounting Software emerges as a significantly cheaper alternative to Tally. With features like inventory management, multi-GST tax billing, and user-definable access rights, starting at Rs. 4,999, BUSY offers cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes.
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