BUSY Software Shortcut Keys

BUSY Accounting Software is renowned for its efficiency and ease of use in managing accounting and inventory tasks. Compared to other software options in the market, Busy stands out for its affordability without compromising functionality.


    BUSY has a range of handy shortcut keys that streamline navigation and enhance user productivity. These BUSY shortcut keys are invaluable tools, allowing users to swiftly access various screens and functions within the software. This comprehensive guide provides a detailed list of all the essential shortcut keys and their respective functions. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned user, mastering these shortcuts can significantly boost your workflow efficiency.

    For your convenience, we’ve also provided a link below to download the complete list of Busy shortcut keys in PDF format. With this resource at your fingertips, you can optimise your Busy Accounting Software experience and accomplish tasks faster and more precisely.

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    BUSY Shortcut Keys for Voucher Types

    The convenient way to quickly access specific voucher entry screens without the need to manually navigate through menus. Instead of clicking through multiple options, users can simply press a combination of keys to directly reach the desired voucher entry screen. This time-saving feature enhances efficiency and streamlines the accounting process, allowing users to focus more on their tasks without unnecessary interruptions.

    Sr. No Busy Shortcut Keys List Action Performed
    1. Ctrl+F3 Add Voucher
    2. F2 Save Master / Voucher
    3. F6 Change Voucher Type
    4. F8 Delete Selected Masters / Vouchers
    5. Alt + X Cancel / Activate Voucher

    Busy Accounting Software Global Shortcut Keys

    Here is the final list of BUSY Accounting Software Shortcut Keys:

    1 F1 Global Help Screen
    2 Ctrl+F1 Add Account
    3 Ctrl+F2 Add Item
    4 F3 Add Master
    6 Ctrl+F5 Add Payment
    7 Ctrl+F6 Add Receipt
    8 Ctrl+F7 Add Journal
    9 Ctrl+F8 Add Sales
    10 Ctrl+F9 Add Purchase
    11 Ctrl+B Balance Sheet
    12 Ctrl+T Trial Balance
    13 Ctrl+S Stock Status
    14 Ctrl+A Account Summary
    15 Ctrl+L Account Ledger
    16 Ctrl+I Item Summary
    17 Ctrl+D Item Ledger
    18 Ctrl+G GST Summary
    19 Ctrl+U Switch User
    20 Ctrl+F Configuration
    21 Ctrl+K Lock Program
    22 F10 Calculator

    Busy Accounting Software Local Shortcut Keys

    23 F1 Help on current Page / Topic
    25 F3 Add Master
    26 F4 Standard Narration
    27 F5 List of Records
    29 F7 Repeat Last Value
    30 F8 Delete Selected Masters / Vouchers
    31 F9 Delete Selected Row in Grid
    32 F10 Calculator
    33 F11 Pick Items from Orders or Challan
    34 F12 Copy or Duplicate Record
    35 Alt +M Modify Master
    36 Alt + P Print Record
    38 Page Up Previous Record
    39 Page Down Next Record

    Master Shortcut Keys of Busy Software

    Sr. No. Local Shortcut Keys Action Performed
    40 Ctrl+Alt+M Main Menu
    41 Ctrl+Alt+A Administration Menu
    42 Ctrl+Alt+T Transaction Menu
    43 Ctrl+Alt+D Display Menu
    44 Ctrl+Alt+P Printing Menu
    45 Ctrl+Alt+H Help Menu
    46 Ctrl+Alt+F Favourites Menu

    Busy shortcut keys pdf download

    Get fundamental BUSY shortcut keys for narration and utilising the inventory calculator feature within BUSY software. Stay up-to-date with the latest updates and enhancements to maximise your productivity and streamline your accounting processes. Download the BUSY shortcut keys PDF now to optimise your software usage and simplify your daily tasks.

    Download Shortcutkeys Pdf

    Why You Should Use BUSY Shortcut Keys

    1. To accomplish tasks in BUSY much faster. Whether you need to create invoices, generate reports, or manage inventory, every action becomes more efficient with the right shortcut.
    2. To maintain focus and momentum while working in BUSY. This uninterrupted workflow can significantly increase your overall
    3. To reduce the strain on your hands and wrists, promoting better ergonomics and preventing discomfort.

    So, this was a user-friendly guide to the most essential BUSY software shortcut keys, available for download in PDF format. This comprehensive list covers crucial shortcuts for tasks such as copy-paste, GST handling, and bank reconciliation, ensuring efficient navigation within the software. Additionally, learn how to enable or customise accounting entry shortcut keys to suit your workflow preferences.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are Busy software shortcut keys?
      Busy software shortcut keys are keyboard combinations that allow users to perform tasks quickly and efficiently within the Busy accounting software
    • Can I find a list of Busy shortcut keys?
      Yes, there is a list available of Busy shortcut keys that users can refer to for quick access to various functions within the software.
    • How can Busy shortcut keys improve productivity?
      Busy shortcut keys can significantly improve productivity by allowing users to perform tasks more quickly, without the need to navigate through menus or use the mouse.
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