BUSY Software License Renewal Charges

With an active BLS, you can generate an e-way bill automatically, validate GSTIN details of parties, exchange data invoices electronically through BDEP, and access your real-time data anytime, anywhere, through the BUSY Mobile App.


    BUSY License Subscription

    BUSY 18 introduced a licensing model called BUSY License Subscription (BLS). With an active BLS, you can easily generate e way bills. You can also validate GSTIN details and exchange invoices digitally. Additionally, you can access real-time data on the BUSY Mobile App from anywhere. If your BLS expires, you must pay a renewal fee of Rs 3,499. Otherwise, you can only use BUSY with limited features.

    BUSY Software License Renewal

    A BUSY Software License Key is required to operate BUSY Accounting Software. This key is included with the initial purchase of a BUSY 21 licence and is valid for 360 days. However, a Busy Software License ensures you have access to a powerful suite of accounting tools that are both affordable and rich in functionality. Download Busy Software to get started.

    Value-added Services of BLS

    • ✔️ Enable automatic generation of E-Way Bills directly within BUSY
    • ✔️ Validate GST Identification Numbers (GSTIN) of parties seamlessly within BUSY
    • ✔️ Utilise the BDEP to exchange invoices with other companies electronically
    • ✔️ Access your real-time data anywhere through the Android-based BUSY Mobile App.

    The BLS ensures that users receive all major or minor Upgrades at no additional cost. However, users won’t have access to new releases, updates, or value-added services once the BLS expires. Take advantage of these benefits with an Active BUSY License Subscription. To run BUSY smoothly, renew your BLS promptly.

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    Benefits of Busy License Subscription (BLS)

    • ✅ GSP features
    • ✅ Major & Minor updates
    • ✅ Audit Trail – As per MCA guidelines
    • ✅ BDEP Services
    • ✅ BNS & Event Notification
    • ✅ Connectivity with Google Drive
    • ✅ Backup on Google Drive

    Importance of Busy License Subscription

    • ✅ Continous Product Advancements/Updates
    • ✅ Easy GST Return Filing
    • ✅ Updated Tax Compliance
    • ✅ Data Security Features
    • ✅ Access Data Conveniently
    • ✅ 24*7 Support Available

    Core Features of Busy Licence Software

    Busy License Software is a robust solution that caters to the diverse needs of businesses, offering a wide array of features to streamline accounting processes. Let’s delve into the detailed features of Busy License Software:

    GSTIN Validation

    *Feature available in all editions.*

    • ✅ GST Validation is a handy feature—if you are a registered GST dealer and want to create a party account master in BUSY in your company, you can Use this feature to validate the party’s GST.
    • ✅ Check the party GSN status and other GST-related details with this feature.
    • ✅ Validate the GST of parties in Bulk.

    HSN Validation

    *Feature available in all editions.*

    • ✅ When you create an item master in BUSY software, you can validate the item’s HSN code.

    Direct Upload GSTR-1

    *Feature available in Saffron/Standard/Enterprise/Emerald*

    • ✅ Users can directly upload GSTR-1 means sales return on the GST portal from BUSY with an active BLS
    • ✅ Click GC reports > GST Returns > GSTR-1 e-return > GSTR1 direct upload option

    Automatic E-way Bill Generation

    *Feature available in Saffron/Standard/Enterprise/Emerald*

    • ✅ Transporting your material to another state through a vehicle with an invoice value of more than 50,000 means an e-way bill is mandated in GST.
    • ✅Users can automatically generate e-way bills directly from BUSY

    Automatic E-invoice Generation

    *Feature available in Saffron/Standard/Enterprise/Emerald*

    Suppose your sales turnover exceeds the current threshold limit, i.e. five crores. If it is more than five crores, a user must generate an e-invoice, as mandated in GST. After creating the transaction, all the details will be uploaded to the portal. So, with this feature, we can directly generate an E-invoice from BUSY.

    GSTR-1,2A,2B,3B Download & Reconciliation

    *Feature available in Saffron/Standard/Enterprise/Emerald*

    • GSTR Reconciliation is available in BUSY software.
    • ✅ User can reconcile the BUSY company’s data with GST return on the portal
    • ✅ Reconcile your details of sales/purchase.

    Check Party Return Filing Status

    *Feature available in Saffron/Standard/Enterprise/Emerald*

    • ✅ In GST, your input tax claims depend on the party GST filing returns
    • ✅ You cannot claim input tax if the party has not filed
    • ✅ Check the GST return filing status of the party

    Check Electronic Cash/Credit Ledger

    *Feature available in Saffron/Standard/Enterprise/Emerald*

    • ✅ Seamlessly check the electronic cash and credit ledger for e-wallet & passbook
    • ✅ Check for electronic register, GST register & electronic cash and credit
    • ✅ Generate the reports with an active BLS only
    • ✅ Compare Sales GSTR-1 & 3b [*Feature available in Saffron/Standard/Enterprise/Emerald*]

    Connectivity with Google Drive

    • ✅ Upload documents on the Google Drive
    • ✅ Send any report to Google Sheets directly from BUSY
    • ✅ Upload BUSY-generated documents like – invoices received, debit notes, credit notes, etc
    • ✅ Send report, export report and upload report seamlessly

    Auto BUSY Data Backup on Google Drive

    • ✅ Configure the auto backup & schedule the backup time
    • ✅ BUSY Agent tool will be automatically uploaded on Google Drive
    • ✅ Download the data backup from the Google Drive
    • ✅ Restore your data in any system

    Audit Trail

    • ✅ Keep records of all the activities as per MCA guidelines
    • ✅ Audit trail is mandated for Pvt ltd and public ltd companies

    BUSY Event Notification

    • ✅ Get notifications on specific events
    • ✅ Modify/delete/add/ vouchers and masters
    • ✅ Send the notifications on the BUSY BNS App
    • Busy Software Licence Renewal Validity

    Busy Software Licence Renewal Validity

    There are two BLS validity formats:

    • 1. BLS is valid for 360 days.
    • 2. BLS is valid for 720 days*.
    • *If you extend it for an additional 720 days (2 years) within the next 75 days, you’ll receive a 30% discount. Your total BLS subscription will be valid for 3 years (1+2 years).

    Busy Renewal Charges

    The Basic, Standard, and Enterprise plans are perpetual plans of Busy Accounting Software by default, and these plans come with the BUSY License Subscription (BLS). The BUSY Blue, Saffron, and Emerald plans are Busy subscription plans that don’t include the BUSY License Subscription but must be renewed annually.

    To renew kindly reach out to us directly at support@busy.in or call: +91-8282828282

    Busy Software Renewal Price List:

    Perpetual Prices BLS Renewal Prices Subscription Prices
    Basic [Single-User] ₹9,999 ₹3,499 Blue [Single-User] ₹4,999
    Basic [Multi-user] ₹24,999 ₹8,499 Blue [Multi-user] ₹12,499
    Standard [Single-user] ₹14,999 ₹5,499 Saffron [Single-user] ₹6,999
    Standard [Multi-user] ₹39,999 ₹13,999 Saffron [Multi-user] ₹17,999
    Standard [Additional Count] ₹9,999 ₹3,499 Saffron [Additional Count] ₹4,999
    Enterprise [Single-user] ₹19,999 ₹6,499 Emerald [Single-user] ₹9,999
    Enterprise [Multi-user] ₹57,999 ₹16,999 Emerald [Multi-user] ₹24,999
    Enterprise [Additional Count] ₹13,999 ₹3,999 Emerald [Additional Count] ₹6,499

    For more, kindly visit BUSY Price & Plans.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How long does the BUSY Software Renewal last when purchasing a new BUSY 18 license
      The BUSY 18 License has been discontinued and is no longer used. BUSY 21 was recently launched instead of BUSY 18. You can purchase a BUSY 21 license directly from the official BUSY website. Also, the renewal lasts for around 360 days.
    • What is the duration of the BUSY Software Renewal when upgrading to BUSY 18 from an older version?
      BUSY 18 has been discontinued. However, you can use the BUSY 21 release version. BUSY 21 is the latest version of BUSY Accounting Software, and you can download it from the official website. The upgrade takes up to 360 days.
    • What happens to the BUSY Software Renewal if I upgrade my BUSY model or increase existing counts?
      Case 1: If upgrading to a higher BUSY model, the BUSY Software Renewal date extends based on the base price of your current model, remaining BUSY Software Renewal days, and upgrade price using the formula:
      New BLS Date = Current Date + ((Base Price X Remaining Days) + (Upgrade Price X 365)) / (Base Price + Upgrade Price)

      Case 2: Adding counts to the existing model calculates the BUSY Software Renewal with the following:
      New BLS Date = Current Date + ((Base Price X Remaining Days) + (Upgrade Price X 365)) / (Base Price + Upgrade Price)
    • How much does it cost to renew the BUSY Software License after expiry?
      Only the BUSY Accounting Software Perpetual Plan is included in the BUSY Software License. The following is the cost of renewing the BUSY software license: For Basic Single-user and Multi-user, it is ₹3,499 and ₹8,499; for Standard Single-user, Multi-user & additional count, it is ₹5,499, ₹13,999 and ₹3,499, and for Enterprise Single-user, Multi-user & additional count, it is ₹6,499, ₹16,999 and ₹3,999. Pricing Effective from 1st June 2024. For more details, visit Price & Plans Page
    • Will my BUSY license become inactive if I don’t renew my BUSY Software Renewal?
      No, your BUSY license remains active. However, access to new updates and Value-Added Services is unavailable after the BUSY Software Renewal expires.
    • What happens if I renew my BUSY Software Renewal six months after expiry?
      Renewing your BUSY Software Renewal six months after expiry initiates a 360-day subscription starting from the renewal date.
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