Busy Software Products: Ultimate Accounting Solution For MSMEs

BUSY Accounting Software products are perfect for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses looking for an easy way to manage accounting and inventory tasks. It’s affordable and packed with features, making it a great choice compared to other software. With BUSY, you can streamline your business operations, keep accurate financial records, and control your inventory effortlessly. Download the latest Busy Software Version now and see how it can help your business run smoothly.


    Busy Products—Plans & Pricing

    Here’s a complete list of Busy Software Versions with Affordable Pricing and Plans for every Micro, Small, and medium-sized Business type.

    Busy Express—100% Free Accounting Software for small businesses! It offers basic features with limited functionalities, such as GST summary, managing multi-GST tax Billing in a Single Invoice, Stock Ageing on a FIFO Basis, and more!

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    Paid Editions of Busy Products

    Busy Basic is Busy Accounting Software’s perpetual plan! Designed for startups, small shop owners, micro-businesses, and those not registered for GST, this version offers essential accounting tools like GST/HSN validation, ledger reconciliation, invoicing, and GST reports. Prices start at ₹9,999. Discover Busy Basic Perpetual Plan.

    Busy Standard is Busy Accounting Software’s perpetual plan! It includes all the Basic edition features and is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, accountants, and tax practitioners. It encompasses all Basic perpetual plan features and is a simple accounting solution. Prices begin at ₹14,999. Upgrade to Busy Standard Plan.

    Busy Enterprise is Busy Accounting Software’s perpetual plan! Tailored for large enterprises, this edition offers advanced functionalities such as Multi-branch management, multi-GSTIN management, Voucher/Master approval, and more. It combines the capabilities of both the Basic and Standard editions. Prices start at ₹19,999. Sign Up for the Busy Enterprise plan.

    Busy Blue is Busy Accounting Software’s subscription plan! It lets you sign invoices, customise invoicing, and more digitally. It is perfect for startups and micro-businesses. Prices begin at ₹4,999. Subscribe to the Blue Subscription Plan

    Busy Saffron is Busy Accounting Software’s subscription plan! A popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses, accountants, and tax practitioners + all features of Blue. Additional features include automatic e-invoice and e-way bill generation, printing invoices in different languages, and much more! Prices begin at ₹6,999. Experience the power of Busy Saffron today!

    Busy Emerald is Busy Accounting Software’s subscription plan! It is perfect for large businesses and includes multi-branch management, voucher/master approval, and payroll management. It starts at ₹9,999. Explore Busy Emerald Subscription Plan

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    Other Additional BUSY Products

    Busy Mobile App—Integrates with BUSY Desktop Software; the BUSY mobile app allows you to access financial and accounting data from your phone. You can quickly create quotes, orders, invoices, and receipts on the go and share them via WhatsApp. The pricing starts from ₹2499 onwards.

    Busy Online—-Most secure accounting software on the Cloud. You can access it anywhere, anytime, while enjoying the familiar interface and features. Boost your security with BUSY Online Software and effortlessly overcome security threats. Pricing starts from just ₹1125.

    Busy Recom—India’s pioneering E-commerce Reconciliation and Accounting Solution. It ensures smooth order, payment, and return synchronisation for platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Shopify and seamlessly handles multiple seller accounts across various marketplaces. This robust and user-friendly system requires no hardware or technical expertise.

    Busy Software Features

    GST Accounting: From filing GST returns seamlessly to gaining real-time GST insights, easily manage your GST needs with BUSY’s GST Accounting Software! Get a 15-day free trial.

    Financial Accounting: Track payments, improve financial management, maintain accurate records, and effortlessly manage various transactions. Try it for 15 days free.

    Auto E-Way Bill: When saving vouchers, you can automatically create and print E-Way Bills directly, saving you time and effort. Take a free 15-day trial.

    Auto E-Invoice: Track invoices, generate e-invoices with a click, and seamlessly integrate them with e-way bills to save time and cut costs. Try it for 15 days free.

    GSTR Reconciliation: Effortlessly reconcile GSTR-2A data by auto-downloading GSTR-2A files from the GST portal and saving them for you. Get a free 15-day trial.

    Invoicing: From creating invoices to managing multiple taxes in one invoice, streamline your billing with BUSY Invoicing! Take a 15-day free trial.

    Inventory Management: Easily track stock levels, set reorder points, and manage inventoryMovements Anytime, Anywhere.

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    Industry-Specific Solutions 

    Auto Parts Industry—Simplify financial management with inventory, sales, tax, payroll, and invoicing features, improving accuracy and saving time.

    Retail Industry—Boost retail efficiency with BUSY’s Billing Software for Retail. It simplifies invoicing, inventory management, sales, and processes, saves time, and increases productivity.

    Chemical Industry—Simplifies financial management in the chemical business with batch-wise inventory tracking, excise duty calculations, and real-time economic data.

    FMCG Industry—BUSY software enhances FMCG distribution with wholesale management, automatic E-Invoice/E-Way Bill generation, and GST reconciliation/ reporting.

    Food & Beverage Industry—Enjoy stress-free restaurant billing with BUSY’s top-rated software, streamlining invoice generation, profit calculation, offer management, and GST compliance.

    Computer Hardware Industry—Simplify your computer hardware store finances with BUSY’s accounting software, offering customised billing and batch-wise inventory tracking.

    Book Publishing Industry—Easily manage bookstore sales and inventory with BUSY’s billing software, which tracks inventory, transactions, and customer information.

    Electrical Goods Industry—Efficiently manage your electrical store with BUSY’s billing software, featuring customised GST billing, automatic E-Invoice and E-Way Bill generation, and detailed reporting.

    Paper Industry—Streamline your paper business with BUSY Accounting Software by managing inventory, tracking production costs, ensuring GST compliance, and optimising billing efficiency.

    Travel Industry—Billing for the travel industry is simplified with streamlined invoice generation, profit calculation, offer management, and GST compliance.

    Furniture Industry—Simplify financial management in the furniture business with inventory, sales, tax, payroll, and invoicing features, saving time and improving accuracy.

    Pharma Industry—Effortlessly manage your pharmaceutical business with BUSY’s advanced inventory, accounting, GST-compliant billing, and seamless business management.

    Paint Industry—With BUSY’s industry-specific features tailored for the paint sector, you can manage inventory, track production costs, maintain GST compliance, and optimise billing processes.

    Mobile Store Industry—Maximize output in your mobile store with BUSY’s billing software, which offers customised GST billing, automated E-Invoice and E-Way Bill generation, and comprehensive reporting.

    Garments Industry—BUSY’s billing software enhances garment industry efficiency by simplifying invoicing, inventory, sales, and processes for time-saving productivity.

    Gems & Jewellery Industry—Efficiently manage your Gems & Jewellery business with BUSY’s accounting software. Easily track inventory, manage sales, handle customised pricing, and ensure GST compliance.

    Agriculture Industry—Streamline your agricultural operations with BUSY’s accounting software. Easily track and manage expenses, handle sales, and generate detailed financial reports.

    Stationery Industry—BUSY simplifies stationery management. It allows you to track inventory, manage sales and purchases, handle GST billing, and generate comprehensive financial reports.

    Electronics Goods Industry—Effortlessly manage your electronics goods business with BUSY. Track stock levels, manage sales, automate E-Invoice and E-Way Bill generation, and ensure accurate GST reporting.

    Real Estate Industry—BUSY’s powerful software simplifies real estate accounting. It allows you to manage property sales and rentals, track expenses, handle client accounts, and generate detailed financial statements.

    Grocery Industry—BUSY simplifies grocery management. It tracks inventory, manages sales, handles GST billing, generates invoices, and efficiently keeps detailed financial records.

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