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BUSY 18 or Busywin 18 was the updated release of BUSY Accounting Software after the BUSY 17 release. It was specifically designed to transform how businesses manage their finances. The Busy 18 setup offered new features and enhancements. However, the Busy Software 18 download has been discontinued, and the latest release of BUSY Software, BUSY 21, has been launched. You can download this latest release of BUSY 21 for free from the download section


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    BUSY 17 vs BUSY 21

    Here’s the comparison between BUSY or Busywin 18 & BUSY 21:

    Features BUSY 18 Release BUSY 21 Release
    Direct Upload of GSTR1
    Create Account Master Through GSTIN (by F4)
    Maintain MSME Type / Udyam No. For Company & Parties
    Direct Send Messages Through WhatsApp API
    GSTR 2B Reconciliation
    Dynamic QR Code
    E-way & E-invoice Bill Cancellation From Voucher Cancellation
    As Per Mca Guidelines, Compulsory Audit Trial (Detailed)
    Busy Mobile App – Cloud Sync

    Experience the power of BUSY by upgrading to the latest release, BUSY 21, as the release of BUSY 18 software for free download has been discontinued. Get access to its powerful features, user-friendly interface, and unmatched reliability—the ultimate solution for businesses looking to take their accounting to the next level.

    BUSY Accounting Software Price

    BUSY offers competitive pricing on all plans for prompt and efficient delivery to meet your business needs effectively.

    Perpetual Prices Subscription Prices
    Basic [Single-User] ₹9,999 Blue [Single-User] ₹4,999
    Basic [Multi-user] ₹24,999 Blue [Multi-user] ₹12,499
    Standard [Single-user] ₹14,999 Saffron [Single-user] ₹6,999
    Standard [Multi-user] ₹39,999 Saffron [Multi-user] ₹17,999
    Standard [Additional Count] ₹9,999 Saffron [Additional Count] ₹4,999
    Enterprise [Single-user] ₹19,999 Emerald [Single-user] ₹9,999
    Enterprise [Multi-user] ₹57,999 Emerald [Multi-user] ₹24,999
    Enterprise [Additional Count] ₹13,999 Emerald [Additional Count] ₹6,499

    For more, kindly visit BUSY Price & Plans Page

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where can I find the download link for Busy 18 software?
      The release of Busy Software 18 download has been discontinued. However, upgrade to BUSY 21 on the official website. Visit the BUSY website > Go to Resources > Select Downloads > Click on BUSY 21.
    • Can I download Busy 18 for free?
      No, the release of the BUSY 18 download is no longer available. You can upgrade to the latest version of BUSY accounting software, i.e. BUSY 21
    • How do I initiate the Busy 18 download?
      You cannot initiate the BUSY 18 Software download as it has been discontinued. However, please upgrade to BUSY 21, the latest release of BUSY Accounting Software, from the BUSY Downloads section.
    • Where can I find the setup file for Busy 18 setup?
      You cannot set up a file for BUSY 18 setup because it is no longer used. However, kindly upgrade to the latest version of BUSY Accounting Software, i.e., BUSY 21.
    • What version of Busy 18 can I download?
      Busy 18 6.9 download or any other version of the BUSY 18 setup has been discontinued. Upgrade to BUSY 21, the latest version of BUSY Accounting Software, on the official website. Check the download section for the available versions and select the one you desire.
    • What steps should I follow to download Busy 18 software?
      BUSY 18 was discontinued long ago. Instead of BUSY 18, upgrade to BUSY 21, the latest release of BUSY Accounting Software. To download: Go to the Website > Go to resources > Click the downloads option > Select BUSY 21 Downloads.
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    BUSY is a simple, yet powerful GST / VAT compliant Business Accounting Software that has everything you need to grow your business.

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