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Bhatia & Company was established in 1961. Company is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of Office & School Stationery products under well-known Brand Name ‘BITTOO’. Firm was First in India for manufacturing Quality Exercise Books at very reasonable Price & also First time in Stationery field to start door-to-door delivery service in Delhi region. Their peak position today is entirely a result of constant round-the-clock commitment level of accomplished and experienced team of personnel.


BITTOO have huge items in their stock ranging from Pens, Pencils, Copies, Registers, colours to almost all the stationery products available in the market. To manage such a vast inventory is a challenge in itself. The company needed software that could maintain inventory effectively along with retaining the separate price for loose pieces or full sets or box. There should always be reminders or warnings for stock reaching its re-order level or minimum level. Pre-Sale / Purchase cycle needed to be maintained in the software as the company received a huge sales order. It also wanted smooth data synchronization among different branches. Being registered under the GST regime, it also needed to timely file GST return and reports apart from issuing GST applicable bills. To summarize, significant challenges for the company before selecting software were:

  • Robust Inventory Management – Company needed a strong inventory management module that could handle all their inventory related needs which included maintaining inventory on different locations, maintaining item critical levels, vendor wise stock and so on.

  • Pre-Sale / Purchase Cycle – Company needed to maintain pre- sale/purchase cycle, i.e. taking sales order/purchase order and automatically generating an invoice from them.

  • Multiple Pricing Structures – Company needed pre-defined pricing structures in case complete set/box are sold, or loose pieces are sold.

    • It also needed to maintain pricing party–wise and date –wise.

    • GST Compliance – Company needed to issue bills that clearly states the item amount and the GST amount. Also, the software should handle GST report and return filling simply and effectively.

    • Head Office / Branch Office Synchronization – Company, wanted to have smooth integration between the Head Office and the Branch office data.


BUSY’s Channel Partner arranged a meeting with the Company’s CEO, MrHarvinder Singh. Our Channel Partner understood each & every requirement of the company and offered simple, easy to use and effective solution for all their needs. Fascinated by the solutions provided by BUSY, Mr Singh immediately decided to use BUSY for their operational requirements. Solutions, as provided to them, are:

  • Inventory Management – With BUSY’s robust inventory management module, the company was able to handle inventory very effectively. They were able to set items critical level, which included the setting of minimum, maximum and re-order level. With multi-location inventory management, multiple Material Centres can be created, and stock can be viewed at each branch and consolidated stock at all branches can also be viewed at any given time. Vendors were tagged with each item separately.

  • Order Management – BUSY has a robust Order Management module using which the Sales / Purchase Order could be fed easily. Orders can be picked using Shortcut Key at the time of entering Sale / Purchase vouchers. However, utilities are also provided to auto-generate invoice from Orders.

  • Multiple Price Structure – BUSY provides multiple price structures using which prices can be pre-defined item-wise, party-wise, date wise and so on.
    A user can specify different prices for each unit of item. As an item can have three divisions, i.e. Main Unit, Alternate Unit and Packaging Unit, different prices for all three units can be specified with the item.

  • Strong GST module – BUSY’s GST solutions are very straightforward, uncomplicated and provide effortless working to its Users.

  • HO / BO Module – Head Office / Branch Office module is designed to handle all the requirements of the business house that have multiple branches and need to maintain data transparency at Head Office and Branch office.

BITTOO is a well-known name in the stationery items, and we want nothing but the very best for our company. BUSY is one such choice that we have made. It has made our inventory management, taxation handling, pricing structures and all other operations relatively easy. With its uncomplicated approach towards providing reliable solutions to its Users, it is quintessential ERP software of the current time.
Harvinder Singh (CEO, Bhatia & Company)

BUSY is a simple, yet powerful GST / VAT compliant Business Accounting Software that has everything you need to grow your business.

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