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Fresca has commenced the business in 1999 as Shri Bankey Behari Foods. Initially, the unit was mainly engaged in the Food Processing of Jams, Pickles, Tomato Ketchup, Chutneys and Syrups but lately in 2010, business reached another level by manufacturing Juices with diverse flavors. Since then FRESCA JUICES came into existence and become the part of every household.Fresca is first brand to introduce such diverse range of flavors.


Being an FMCG company, Fresca needed to maintain manufacturing and expiry date of goods along with Batch and MRP of the stock. Sales Order / Purchase orders were issued/received frequently; hence it was very critical to automate the whole process of entering Sale / Purchase Order and generating an invoice for them. As the company’s incentive policy was targets based, it needed to auto calculate incentive amount for the salesmen and parties based on pre-defined targets.

Reporting was also a vital issue as the company needed numerous accounting/inventory related reports like the area – wise outstanding, item wise profitability and so on. Smooth integration of Head Office and Branch offices was also required and last but not the least the software they were looking for must be GST compliant and should be able to generate auto E-Way bill.
To summarize, significant challenges for the company before selecting software were:

  • Maintaining inventory based on Manufacturing and Expiry date – As all the products are perishable, it was essential to maintain manufacturing and expiry date with each item and to know in advance the items that are near to expiry date.

  • Date and Party wise Pricing Structures – Company needed to maintain pricing as per different dates, i.e. different price on other dates and similarly different prices for various parties. As there was a special price applicable for a certain period of time, hence date-wise pricing was required. Parties were also categorized as Wholesalers, Retailers, Distributors hence the separate price, and the discount structure was applicable for different parties.

  • Order / Challan Management – Company had a manual process of receiving sale/purchase orders and entering a sale/purchase invoice when the order is fulfilled. Similarly, it also issues sale/purchase challan and later enters a transaction for it. The company wanted this manual system to be automated, i.e. auto-posting of the invoice from challan/order.

  • Head Office and Branch Offices Integration – Company, wanted a smooth integration of data between Head Office and Branch Office.

  • GST Compliant – Company wanted the software they opt for must be GST compliant and should handle GST transactions and generate GST reports/returns efficiently and effectively. It also needed to generate E-Way Bill automatically without any hassle.


The owners of Tops Company contacted Mr Sachin Jain, a channel partner of BUSY, for a demo. After a detailed demo, they were convinced and asked for the implementation of BUSY on their premises. Once implemented, BUSY was able to meet all their requirements through its specific modules. Solutions, as provided to them, are:

  • Batch and MRP–wise Features – Batch-wise feature helped maintain manufacturing and expiry date with each & every unit of item. Apart from manufacturing and expiry date, it offered multiple checks and controls such as not issuing stock when certain days of its expiry are left. MRP – wise feature was also implemented to maintain stock based on MRP.

  • Configurable Pricing Structure – BUSY offers multiple pricing structures that could be defined in advance for different parties, dates, Item / Account Category and so on. Multiple pricing structures were defined for Fresca, which simplified the process of remembering or searching prices for different parties or dates.

  • Workflow/Operational Management – BUSY offers a healthy workflow / operational management module using which company was able to feed Sale & Purchase Order / Challan easily and was able to auto-generate invoice from orders/challans.

  • HO / BO Module – Head Office / Branch Office module of BUSY was implemented, and there was a smooth integration between all the branches and Head Office.

  • Simplified GST Solutions – Data entry for GST is effortless and comfortable in BUSY, and so is the report generation. GST module of BUSY took complete care of all the GST related needs of the company. The icing on the cake was auto E-Way Bill generation feature using which company was able to generate E-Way Bill automatically without even going to GST portal.

We are delighted with our choice of using BUSY for our business and operational needs. Simplification of complex issues and day to day difficulties faced by an enterprise is very well taken care of in the software. We recommend BUSY to other enterprises also and would give a perfect score for the overall performance, after-sale support and services with special mention of the most comfortable GST solutions provided by them.
Virender Kr. Trehan (Accounts Manager)

BUSY is a simple, yet powerful GST / VAT compliant Business Accounting Software that has everything you need to grow your business.

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