GST Billing, Accounting and Inventory Software for Garment Shops

Maximize the efficiency of your garment store with Busy’s state-of-the-art Billing Software. Effortlessly streamline your operations, from seamless billing to efficient stock management, resulting in increased sales and heightened customer satisfaction. Take full control of your garment business, save valuable time, and elevate your customer experience to new heights. With Busy’s powerful software solution, your success in the garment industry is just a click away.

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    Features Designed for the Garments Sector

    Configurable Billing
    Easy & Fast Billing

    Enhance billing efficiency with Busy’s Billing Software

    • Accelerate billing speed through quick searches, shortcuts, and barcode scanning.
    • Seamlessly manage sales and purchases operations with comprehensive features.
    • Streamline invoice and bill management while easily tracking payments for improved financial control.
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    Create a Party from GSTIN
    Stock Management

    Efficiently manage your inventory of garments/apparel based on various parameters such as Type, Article Number, Size, Category, Gender, Style, Colour, etc. Take advantage of the following benefits:

    • Track your stock accurately, ensuring you have real-time visibility into your inventory levels.
    • Set minimum and maximum stock levels, enabling you to avoid stockouts and overstocking.
    • Stay up to date with automated alerts and notifications, helping you to replenish stock in a timely manner.
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    Barcode Printing & Scanning
    Schemes & Discounts

    Attract more customers and boost sales at your garment store with a range of enticing discount and scheme options, including Item Discount, Bill Discount, Combo Offers, and more. Take advantage of the following benefits:

    • Attract customers with discounted prices on individual items, encouraging increased sales and customer loyalty.
    • Offer bill discounts to incentivize customers to make larger purchases, increasing the average transaction value.
    • Create attractive combo offers to bundle complementary products together, enticing customers to buy more and enhancing cross-selling opportunities.
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    Payment Settlement Modes
    Order Management

    Streamline your order management process with enhanced features, ensuring efficient handling of both partial and complete orders. Take advantage of the following benefits:

    • Effortlessly manage partial and complete orders, ensuring accurate tracking and efficient fulfillment.
    • Seamlessly display your product catalogue, allowing customers to browse and place orders with ease.
    • Enable fast processing of orders from the showroom to the vendor, reducing delays and improving overall efficiency.
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    Cash Tender
    GST Compliant Solution

    Experience hassle-free e-invoicing and GST billing with Busy’s software. Generate E-way bills, file GST returns, TCS (Tax Collected at Source), and TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) directly from the software. Take advantage of the following features:

    • Effortlessly generate E-way bills for seamless transportation of goods.
    • File GST returns with ease, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.
    • Handle TCS and TDS requirements directly from the software, simplifying the process.
    • Run an internal audit to ensure error-free reports and maintain accuracy in financial records.
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    Complete Inventory Management
    Serial No.-wise Stock Details

    Effortlessly track and manage individual items in your inventory by assigning unique serial numbers. This feature offers the following advantages:

    • Streamlined tracking of individual products for improved inventory management.
    • Enhanced transparency and visibility of stock movement for better decision-making.
    • Reduced errors and improved accuracy in stock control, ensuring reliable records.
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    BUSY is a simple, yet powerful GST / VAT compliant Business Accounting Software that has everything you need to grow your business.

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