GST Billing, Accounting and Inventory Software for Jewellery Sector

Equipped with exclusive advanced tools, BUSY software offers comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for your Jewelry Business. Manage your Hallmark Gold Jewelry efficiently, with integrated features for Accounts, Stock, CRM, Loyalty Schemes, Catalogues, and a Mobile App. Benefit from an extensive service network and a fully customizable package. Achieve complete customer management to boost your revenues, along with uninterrupted GST billing and seamless return filing.

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    Features Designed for the Jewellery Sector

    Order Booking Management
    Barcode Printing & Scanning

    Efficient barcode printing and scanning functionality provided by BUSY software helps businesses improve inventory management, streamline operations, and enhance accuracy and productivity.

    • Accurate inventory management through barcode generation and scanning.
    • Streamlined operations and increased efficiency.
    • Time and cost savings with automated inventory tracking.
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    Manage Ticket & Tour Package Details
    Movement of Stock

    The BUSY software offers an efficient and streamlined solution for managing the movement of stock within a business. It provides several benefits that help businesses effectively track, control, and optimize the movement of their inventory.

    • Improved efficiency and productivity.
    • Real-time visibility into stock movement.
    • Comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities.
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    Ticket, Invoice & Receipt Printing
    Job Work Management

    Job Work Management in BUSY software enables businesses to efficiently handle outsourced tasks or processes, ensuring streamlined workflow, effective resource allocation, transparent communication, and accurate costing.

    • Streamlined workflow for efficient job work execution.
    • Effective resource allocation for optimized utilization.
    • Transparent communication and collaboration with external vendors.
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    Customer & Travelers Details
    Return & Exchange

    BUSY software efficiently manages the process of accepting returns and providing exchanges or refunds, leading to improved customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, accurate inventory management, and valuable data analysis.

    • Enhanced customer satisfaction through hassle-free returns and exchanges.
    • Streamlined operations for efficient handling of returns and exchanges.
    • Accurate inventory management with automated updates.
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    Agent Commission
    Agent Commission

    Agent commission refers to the compensation provided to sales agents for their role in generating sales or securing business deals. BUSY software simplifies the management of agent commissions, providing benefits such as incentivizing sales performance and accurate commission calculation.

    • Incentivizes sales agents.
    • Simplifies commission management.
    • Ensures accurate calculation of commissions.
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    BUSY is a simple, yet powerful GST / VAT compliant Business Accounting Software that has everything you need to grow your business.

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