E-Way Bill Under GST In Gujarat


    Gujarat, known for its bustling business activities, has significantly influenced India’s economic growth. With several trading practices, Gujarat has witnessed progressively many changes in its logistics industry, especially transportation. One of the significant changes introduced in recent times is the implementation of the e-way bill under the GST system. This move has brought about a significant transformation in the transportation of goods across the country, including Gujarat. 

    How to Register for E-way Bill in Gujarat?

    To facilitate the transportation of goods within the state and across state borders, Gujarat has implemented an e-way bill system. This system is mandatory for goods of value exceeding Rs. 50,000. 

    To register on Gujarat’s GST portal, follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Go to the GST portal.

    Step 2: Use your user ID and password to access the e-way bill home page.

    Step 3: Click “Registration” and select “E-way Registration.”

    Step 4: Provide details such as your GSTIN and contact information.

    Step 5: Once you receive a unique user ID upon registration, you can directly access the e-way bill portal to generate e-way bills.

    Step 6: For unregistered transporters, you must use your business details on the GST portal to register under the transporter ID category.

    How to Generate an E-way Bill in Gujarat?

    Using the GST portal’s digital interface, you can generate an e-way bill in Gujarat.

    In Gujarat, a transporter can generate the e-way bill in the following ways:

    1. Going online on the NIC Portal: You can generate an e-way bill in Gujarat by visiting the official e-way bill Gujarat portal for e-way bill login Gujarat. This portal then redirects to the GST e-Way Bill portal.
    2. Through messaging services or SMS: You can register up to two numbers on the GST portal for the SMS e-way bill generation facility if web access is unavailable. The OTP generation uses the code EWBG and OTP verification of the SMS service.

    What are Form 402 and 403?

    Under the VAT regime, generating e-way bills required downloading the Gujarat Form 402 online for moving goods from Gujarat to another state and the Gujarat waybill Form 403 for moving goods from other states into Gujarat. However, after the nationalisation of the e-way bill system, these Forms are no longer needed. Instead, one can generate an online e-way bill on the GST portal for all interstate transportation of goods.

    Common Problems Gujarat Merchants Confront

    Gujarat has become a major contributor to India’s textile and fabric industry. The state is home to many traders and manufacturers in the textile sector. The government of Gujarat has prioritised ease of doing business, and the removal of textile fabrics from the list of items requiring an e-way bill for intra-state movement has been viewed as a significant step in facilitating efficient business operations by members of this community.

    However, the validity of e-way bills is an important issue for dealers in Gujarat. All goods in transit are now subject to the same time frames, which can cause delays in transporting heavy machinery and equipment, making it twice as long for such commodities. Given the state’s high level of manufacturing activity, these issues make it difficult to run a business smoothly and without complications.


    The digital documentation process has decreased the time and money needed in physically conducting inspections and manually filling out paperwork, improving productivity and openness. Yet, to avoid fines and other legal repercussions, companies must guarantee that they comply with the laws and regulations that regulate the process of generating E-way bills. 

    As Gujarat continues to leverage technology to facilitate trade and commerce, the E-way bill system is set to play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free movement of goods within and outside the state. 

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