How to Generate E-way Bills Using Busy


    BUSY is a comprehensive solution for managing accounting and business operations. One of its key features is the auto-generation of these bills, which streamlines the process of generating and managing it. Businesses can save time and reduce errors with this feature.

    E-way BIll

    This article discusses the process of generating E-way bills using BUSY.

    Why use the Auto-Generation of E-way Bill Feature by BUSY?

    Manually generating and printing involves several steps. These include:

    1. The user must enter a voucher in BUSY and generate a JSON file from BUSY. 
    2. The user must log in to the portal and upload the JSON file to generate a bill number. 
    3. Then, the user must print the bill from the GST Portal and feed the number under the respective voucher in BUSY. 
    4. The user can print the invoice with the bill number. 

    This process can be time-consuming. BUSY has introduced the Auto Generation of bill option to simplify the process. With this feature, the user can automatically generate and print the bill from BUSY when saving the voucher. The number will be automatically updated in the corresponding voucher, and the user can print the invoice from there. This option streamlines the process and saves time.

    Steps to Generate and Print E-way Bills Automatically with BUSY

    Follow the steps below to generate and print bills automatically using BUSY:

    Step 1: Configure auto-generation of e-way bills

    To set up the auto-generation of these bills in BUSY, follow these simple steps:

    Below is a screenshot of the Configuration window for your reference.

    To enable the auto-generation of these bills in BUSY accounting software, you will need to provide the following information:

    Generation of GSP User ID and Password

    To obtain your GSP User ID and Password, you must register for GSP on the portal. To do so, simply login to the portal and follow the registration process.

    Below is a screenshot of the portal for your reference.

    To register for GSP on the portal, login and click on the “Registration” tab, followed by the For GSP option. This will open the “Register your GST Suvidha Provider” window, prompting you to authenticate your account by sending an OTP to your registered mobile number. Once your account has been authenticated, you can register your GSP.

    Below is a screenshot of the authentication window for your reference.

    Your registered email ID and mobile number will be displayed in their respective fields. To receive an OTP, click on the “Send OTP” button. Enter the OTP you receive and click the “Verify OTP” button to authenticate your account. Once authenticated, the Register your GST Suvidha Provider window will appear, as shown in the screenshot below.

    To proceed, select the “Add/New” option to open the following window.

    In the GSP Name data field, select “Webtel Electrosoft Private Limited” from the provided list. Next, create your User ID and Password, as shown in the example below.

    Once you have specified your GSP Username and Password, click the “Add” button to register your GSP. Once your registration is complete, be sure to specify your GSP Username and Password in BUSY’s configuration settings and save the changes. With the configuration settings in place, you can generate these bills automatically. 

    Step 2: Enter the Voucher and Generate E-Way Bill automatically at the time of saving

    When you save a voucher, you will see a generated message box asking if you want to proceed with automatic generation or generate the bill file. Click the “Yes” button to initiate automatic generation. This will prompt a window to appear, offering various options. For your reference, refer to the window screenshot below.

    To automatically generate an E-Way Bill, click the “Automatic” button. This will bring up an Generation window, where you can specify the required data in the designated fields. After filling out the necessary information, click the “Ok” button. This will bring up the generation window with two options, as shown in the screenshot below.

    Before proceeding with the automatic generation of an E-Way Bill, it is recommended to click the “Check Possible Errors” button to ensure that there are no errors in the data provided. If any errors are found, they should be rectified before proceeding further. Once all errors have been fixed, click the “View & Generate E-Way Bill” button. This will bring up an details window that displays the relevant information for generating the bill. You can see the screenshot of the window below.

    Ensure to verify the details shown in the details window before proceeding with bill generation. Click the “Generate E-Way Bill” button to automatically generate. Once generated, the number and date will be updated in the Transport Details window.

    Step 3: Print E-way Bill

    After the bill is generated and saved in the data, an option to print option will appear. Printing these bill requires a separate setup to be installed on your computer. If you print the bill for the first time from BUSY on this computer, you will be prompted to download and install the printing setup. Below is a screenshot for reference.

    A window titled “Download E-Way Bill Printing setup” will appear when you click the Download button. Below is a screenshot of this window.

    From this window, you can download the e-way bill printing setup. After downloading the setup, exit from BUSY and proceed to install the printing setup first on your computer. Once the setup is installed, open BUSY again and access the voucher in modify mode. Click the “Save” button, and a Print window will appear. Click the “Yes” button to print the bill. When you click the “Yes” button, the following window will appear, prompting you to enter the Captcha code:

    To generate your E-Way Bill, enter the Captcha Text as shown and click the “Print E-Way Bill” button. Once you click the button, a neatly formatted bill print slip will appear. You can refer to the screenshot for reference.

    Click the Print button to print E-Way Bill. After printing the bill, a “Sales Invoice Printing” window appears. Click the “Yes” button to print the updated E-Way Bill No invoice.

    Automatic Generation & Printing of E-Way Bills for Multiple Vouchers

    Since Transport Details are often unavailable at the time of invoice generation, you can update them later for multiple vouchers in one go. These details are mandatory for generating EWay Bill(s). 

    To simplify the process, you can use the Transactions > GST Misc. Utilities > E-Way Bill Management > Generate the bill option to update Transport Details and generate/print E-Way Bill(s) for multiple vouchers simultaneously. 

    When you click on the “Generate E-Way Bill” option, a window will appear with various options. Select the “Automatic” option, which will prompt a “Select Vouchers for E-Way Bill” window to appear. Below is a screenshot for your reference. 

    To specify the necessary details in the “Select Vouchers for E-Way Bill” window, please follow the steps below:

    At the bottom of the “Select Vouchers for E-Way Bill” window, you will find the following buttons:


    Generating these bills using BUSY is a straightforward process that can be accomplished with just a few clicks. The software provides a user-friendly interface to make the process seamless and efficient.

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