What is O2A form under GST ?


    GST ITC-02A form is used by registered taxpayers who own businesses at multiple locations within a state or union territory to transfer their input tax credit (ITC) from the registered entity to a new one. 

    This article provides a comprehensive understanding of the provisions related to the GST ITC-02A Form and outlines the steps that both the transferor and transferee must follow to transfer ITC successfully.

    What is the Purpose of Using the GST ITC-02A Form?

    Transferring ITC is similar to the ITC distribution by an Input Service Distributor (ISD), but it occurs within the same state or union territory and is based on asset distribution. 

    In a scenario where a branch is established within the same state and the principal place of business purchases capital goods, inputs, or input services for the new branch. The principal place of business may have already claimed ITC for these items. 

    However, since the new branch will consume these ITC claims and use the goods and services, an ITC-02A form must be filed to transfer this unutilised ITC to the newly established branch. 

    Format of Form ITC-02A

    ITC-02A contains details of both the transferor and the transferee, such as:

    1. GSTIN of the transferor
    2. The legal name of the transferor
    3. Trade name of the transferor, if any
    4. GSTIN of the transferee
    5. The legal name of the transferee
    6. Trade name of the transferee, if any
    7. Details of the ITC to be transferred
      • Tax/Cess – Values of tax or cess must be filled
      • Amount of matched ITC available – The values are auto-populated
      • Amount of matched ITC to be transferred – The amount of ITC that needs to be transferred must be calculated using the previously mentioned asset value ratio before being entered in this column.
    8. Verification

    How to file ITC-02A Form?

    The transferor must follow the following steps to file the form:

    Go to Services > Returns > ITC Forms from the home page.

    Under the ‘GST ITC-02A’ section, select ‘Transfer ITC’.

    You’ll be redirected to the “Declaration of transfer of ITC in case of obtaining separate registration within a State or Union Territory” page will be displayed. 

    Fill in the transferee’s GSTIN. The “Transferee Legal Name” and “Transferee Trade Name” will automatically populate. Then click “Save” after entering the values in the “Amount of matched ITC to be transferred” column.

    A confirmation message will appear notifying “Details saved successfully”.

    To view the completed drafted form, use the option “Preview Draft GST ITC-02A (PDF).”

    The summary page will be shown as below:

    Tick on the declaration box. Click on the authorised signatory from the drop-down and choose either “File ITC with EVC” or “File ITC with DSC.”

    To sign the document, click on digital signature if you have chosen “File ITC with DSC.”

    Enter the OTP issued to the registered email address and mobile number if “File ITC with EVC” is selected.

    After the warning message appears, click on “Proceed.”

    Along with the ARN, a message confirming successful submission will be displayed. You can download the filed form in PDF format as well.

    The amount of the transfer will be debited from the electronic credit ledger.

    What are the Steps to be Followed by the Transferee Entity?

    An email and SMS message will instantly be delivered to the transferee upon the successful submission of ITC-02A. Following the steps below, the branch can accept or reject the transfer.

    Go to Services > Returns > ITC Forms from the homepage.

    Select “Take Action” from the drop-down menu next to the “GST ITC-02A” button.

    Select the relevant ARN that is pending to be taken action on. A complete list of ARNs with the status “Accepted,” “Rejected,” or “Pending for Action” is shown.

    The transferee GSTIN must confirm the following information:

    1. GSTIN/UIN, legal name, and ITC-02A and ARN filing dates for the transferor entity.
    2. As submitted by the transferor, the amount of matched ITC is being transferred.

    The transferee should double-check the information given and press the “Accept” button if everything is correct. Click the “Reject” button if they are not.

    If approved, the confirmation message will read, “You have successfully accepted the declaration of transfer of ITC in GST ITC-02A. Kindly proceed for filing.”

    If refused, the notification will read, “You have rejected the declaration of transfer of ITC in GST ITC-02A.  Kindly proceed for filing.”

    Tick the Declaration checkbox. Click the “File ITC with EVC” or “File ITC with DSC” button, depending on which option is appropriate, after selecting the authorised signatory from the drop-down list.

    Select the digital signature and click “Sign” if the “File ITC with DSC” button is chosen.

    Enter the OTP issued to the registered email address and mobile number if “File ITC with EVC” is selected. There will be a warning message displayed. Then, select “Proceed.”

    The ARN and the confirmation message will be displayed. You can download the filed form in PDF format as well. Email and SMS messages will be used to inform the transferor of the result.

    If Accepted:

    The transferee’s electronic credit ledger will be credited as follows:

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