GST Billing, Accounting and Inventory Software for Mobile Stores

Boost the productivity of your mobile store with Busy’s cutting-edge Billing Software. Seamlessly optimize your operations, from effortless billing to effective stock management, leading to heightened sales and increased customer satisfaction. Take complete control of your mobile business, saving valuable time and enhancing the customer experience. With Busy’s powerful software solution, achieving success in the mobile industry is just a click away.

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    Features Designed for Mobile Stores

    Configurable Billing
    Serial No.-wise Stock Details

    Facilitate effortless tracking and management of individual inventory items through the allocation of distinctive serial numbers. This functionality empowers you to oversee stock movement, optimize inventory control, and uphold meticulous record-keeping practices.

    • Efficient tracking: Easily track and locate items with unique serial numbers.
    • Enhanced control: Improve inventory management and organization.
    • Accurate record-keeping: Maintain precise records for compliance and audits.
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    Create a Party from GSTIN
    Tax Inclusive & Exclusive Billing

    Manage your billing seamlessly with BUSY’s software, offering the flexibility to handle both tax-inclusive and tax-exclusive calculations. This convenient feature enables you to effortlessly manage and calculate taxes according to your specific business needs.

    • Flexibility in billing: Easily handle both tax-inclusive and tax-exclusive calculations.
    • Accurate tax management: Efficiently calculate taxes based on your business requirements.
    • Customizable tax handling: Adapt the software to meet your specific taxation needs.
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    Barcode Printing & Scanning
    Quotation Management

    Efficiently manage quotations with BUSY’s software. Generate professional-looking quotes, streamline approvals, and maintain comprehensive records.

    • Create professional quotations
    • Simplify quotation approval process
    • Maintain comprehensive quotation records
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    Payment Settlement Modes
    Product Categorization

    Improve inventory management by categorizing products, enhancing organization and search efficiency for increased productivity.

    • Streamlined organization of products
    • Improved search efficiency
    • Increased productivity
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    Cash Tender
    GST Compliant Solution

    Enjoy seamless e-invoicing and GST billing with Busy’s software, simplifying the generation of E-way bills, filing GST returns, TCS, and TDS directly within the software. Explore the benefits of the following features:

    • Effortlessly generate E-way bills for seamless transportation of goods.
    • File GST returns with ease, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.
    • Handle TCS and TDS requirements directly from the software, simplifying the process.
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    Complete Inventory Management
    Quotation Management

    Enhance your quotation management process with BUSY’s software, providing you with the following benefits:

    • Create impressive, professional-looking quotations.
    • Streamline and accelerate quotation approval workflows.
    • Easily track and analyze quotation history.
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    BUSY is a simple, yet powerful GST / VAT compliant Business Accounting Software that has everything you need to grow your business.

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