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Our Journey

BUSY INFOTECH was founded by Dinesh Kumar Gupta and his younger brother Rajesh Gupta, primarily to focus on development and marketing of business accounting software under the trademark of BUSY. The same was incorporated on 12th of Aug, 1997.

After getting his engineering degree in 1987, Dinesh spent 3 years working in different capacities in IT Industry - 2 years as an R&D Engineer with a PC Manufacturing Company and 1 year as a Customer Support Engineer with an IT Solutions Company. Being in the IT Industry environment for 3 years, he understood very early that Computers and Software could provide considerable benefits to businessmen in managing their business operations. The value proposition was evident in his mind as the adoption of computers and softwares was in nascent stage in India at that time. Seeing this as an opportunity, he decided to start his own business, by the name of Digitronics India, in 1990 with the focus on Computer Sales & Maintenance, and Custom Software Development.

Later on, in 1991, his younger brother Rajesh Gupta also joined him. Rajesh focused mainly on software development business leading to strengthening and growth of Custom Software Development business. More importantly, the exposure to understanding the requirements of so many businesses over next 2 years, led to the company gaining a good grasp of the problems faced by MSMEs. It was realised that there was a huge demand for business accounting automation from MSMEs, but they needed a product which was capable of managing not just their accounts but other business processes also, like Inventory / Invoicing / Taxation etc. This led to the creation of the first version of BUSY in September 1993.

In the initial years, BUSY gained popularity due to its key differentiators such as Sales Tax Reports, Invoicing and Inventory etc. which were not present in the competitive softwares. Due to these differentiators, BUSY got instant acceptance not only from the Users but also from the Tax Practitioners. The initial versions of BUSY software were MS-DOS based.

BUSY Timeline
First version of BUSY was launched with Financial Accounting and Sales Tax Reports.
Invoicing and Inventory were introduced in BUSY, and BUSY was officially launched at IT ASIA, Pragati Maidan(a mega technology event at that time).
The company switched from MS-DOS to Windows-based application and standardized the product offering under three categories.
When Value Added Tax (VAT) got introduced in Delhi, BUSY was among the first softwares to come up with a VAT-Compliant Version.
BUSY forayed into Middle East Market.
The company launched its first-ever Remote Access Edition which enabled its users to access accounting data anytime, anywhere through the Internet.
BUSY announced the launch of BUSY 12, with a host of new features and enhanced functionalities like Sales and Purchase Quotation, Customizable Reports, Data Access through SMS, E-mail, and AutoBack-up of Data etc.
BUSY 14 was launched with a new set of features and capabilities, such as Triggers & Alerts via SMS or E-mail, Payroll, Browser-based Access to Data which enabled Customers to use / view their data on tablets and smartphones as well.
The company launched its new version BUSY 16 which encompassed a plethora of new business features including, Enquiries Management and Customer Support Management etc.
Busy Infotech launched its GST-ready business accounting software in India, named BUSY 17.
The company launched BUSY 18 in which Auto E-waybill Solution was provided for its users in India, and comprehensive VAT Solution was designed for users in GCC Countries.
BUSY introduced first of its kind in-built GSP features such as Auto GSTR 2A / 1 / 3B Reconciliation and GSTIN / HSN Validation.