SAC Code-9962

SAC Code 9962 belongs to the Services in retail trade category in the Indian Services Accounting Code (SAC) system. Developed by the government, this system ensures accurate taxation by providing a classification framework for services. SAC Code 9962 specifically excludes the sale or purchase of goods.


Scope of SAC Code 9962

The scope of SAC Code 9962, which falls under the category of Services in retail trade, encompasses a wide range of services related to retail operations. Some key areas covered under SAC Code 9962 may include:

  • Retail store operations: This includes activities such as managing and operating physical retail stores, handling customer inquiries, product demonstrations, and sales transactions.
  • Point of sale (POS) services: These services involve the use of electronic systems for processing sales transactions, managing inventory, and generating sales reports.
  • Customer support and assistance: Services related to providing customer support, resolving queries or complaints, offering product guidance, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Visual merchandising and store layout: Services focused on arranging and presenting merchandise in an appealing and organized manner to enhance the shopping experience and drive sales.
  • Inventory management: Services related to inventory tracking, stock replenishment, and managing stock levels to ensure availability of products.
  • Retail promotions and marketing: Services encompassing advertising, promotional campaigns, loyalty programs, and other marketing initiatives to attract customers and increase sales.

Categorisation of SAC Code 9962

SAC Code 9961 under GST can be classified in the following ways:

SAC Code Description Rates(%)
9962 Services in retail trade. Explanation – This service does not include sale or purchase of goods 18%
9962 Service provided by Fair Price Shops to Central Government by way of sale of wheat, rice and coarse grains under Public Distribution System(PDS) against consideration in the form of commission or margin. Nil
9962 Service provided by Fair Price Shops to State Governments or Union territories by way of sale of kerosene, sugar, edible oil, etc. under Public Distribution System (PDS) against consideration in the form of commission or margin. Nil
996211 Services provided for a fee/commission or contract basis on retail trade 18%
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