SAC Code-9968

SAC Code 9968 is for “Postal and Courier Services”. This code categorizes the services provided by postal and courier companies, including the transportation, delivery, and distribution of goods and documents. It encompasses a range of services such as mail delivery, package handling, express delivery, and tracking. SAC code 9968 serves as a classification in the GST system for these specific postal and courier services.


    Scope of SAC Code 9968

    The SAC code 9968 is assigned to postal and courier services, covering the transportation, delivery, and distribution of goods and documents. These services can be categorized into domestic courier services, used for sending packages within India, and international courier services, used for sending packages outside India. Domestic courier services further include standard and express options, while international courier services offer standard and express delivery with varying delivery times. Charges for these services depend on factors such as package weight, size, destination, and delivery timeframe.

    Categorisation of SAC Code 9968

    SAC Code 9968 under GST can be classified in the following ways:

    SAC Code Description Rates(%)
    996811 Postal services including post office counter services, mailbox rental services. 18%
    996812 Courier services 18%
    996813 Local delivery services 18%
    996819 Other Delivery Services n.e.c 18%

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