SAC Code-9994

SAC code 9994 is specifically designated for the service category of “Maintenance and Repair Services.” This code encompasses a diverse and comprehensive range of services that are essential for the upkeep and restoration of various assets and equipment. It covers a wide spectrum of maintenance and repair activities, ensuring the smooth functioning and longevity of different assets.

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Scope of SAC Code 9994

Under SAC code 9994, numerous services related to maintenance and repair are included. These services encompass the skilled repair and maintenance of buildings, machinery, vehicles, electrical equipment, plumbing systems, and various other assets. Whether it involves repairing structural damages, resolving mechanical issues, addressing electrical faults, or ensuring the proper functioning of plumbing systems, this code covers a wide array of essential maintenance and repair activities.

By utilizing SAC code 9994, service providers and customers can accurately classify and categorize maintenance and repair services for various purposes such as billing, reporting, and taxation. It facilitates effective communication and understanding between service providers and customers, ensuring transparency and clarity regarding the nature and scope of the services being provided.

Categorisation of SAC Code 9994

SAC Code 9994 under GST can be classified in the following ways:

SAC Code Description Rates(%)
9994 Services provided by operators of the common bio-medical waste treatment facility to a clinical establishment by way of treatment or disposal of bio-medical waste or the processes incidental thereto. Nil
9994 Services by way of public conveniences such as provision of facilities of bathroom, washrooms, lavatories, urinal or toilets. Nil
9994 (i) Services by way of treatment of effluents by a Common Effluent Treatment Plant. 12%
999411 Sewerage and sewage treatment services 18%
999412 Septic tank emptying and cleaning services 18%
999421 Collection services of hazardous waste 18%
999422 Collection services of non-hazardous recyclable materials 18%
999423 General waste collection services, residential 18%
999424 General waste collection services, other n.e.c. 18%
999431 Waste preparation, consolidation and storage services 18%
999432 Hazardous waste treatment and disposal services 18%
999433 Non-hazardous waste treatment and disposal services 18%
999441 Site remediation and clean-up services 18%
999442 Containment, control and monitoring services and other site remediation services 18%
999443 Building remediation services 18%
999449 Other remediation services n.e.c. 18%
999451 Sweeping and snow removal services 18%
999459 Other sanitation services n.e.c. 18%
999490 Other environmental protection services n.e.c. 18%

Important Disclaimer

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