SAC Code-9995

SAC code 9995 is exclusively designated for the service category of “Membership Organization Services.” This code plays a crucial role in accurately classifying and categorizing the services provided by membership organizations for the purpose of GST registration and compliance. It enables a systematic and streamlined approach to determine the applicable tax rates for these services.

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Scope of SAC Code 9995

Membership organizations are entities that bring together individuals or businesses with shared interests, objectives, or affiliations. They provide a variety of services to their members, such as networking opportunities, educational programs, advocacy, certifications, publications, and other benefits. SAC code 9995 is specifically designed to capture and categorize these services within the GST framework.

By utilizing SAC code 9995, membership organizations and regulatory bodies can effectively classify and track the services provided by these organizations. It helps in determining the appropriate tax rates and facilitates compliance with GST regulations. This accurate classification also ensures transparency and clarity for both the organizations and their members regarding the taxation of these services.

Categorisation of SAC Code 9995

SAC Code 9995 under GST can be classified in the following ways:

SAC Code Description Rates(%)
9995 Service by an unincorporated body or a nonprofit entity registered under any law for the time being in force, to its own members by way of reimbursement of charges or share of contribution Ð (a) as a trade union; (b) for the provision of carrying out any activity which is exempt from the levy of Goods and service Tax; or (c) up to an amount of 5000 rupees (7500 substituted from 25/01/2017)per month per member for sourcing of goods or services from a third person for the common use of its members in a housing society or a residential complex. Nil
9995 Services provided by an unincorporated body or a non-profit entity registered under any law for the time being in force, engaged in,- (i) activities relating to the welfare of industrial or agricultural labour or farmers; or (ii) promotion of trade, commerce, industry, agriculture, art, science, literature, culture, sports, education, social welfare, charitable activities and protection of environment, to its own members against consideration in the form of membership fee upto an amount of one thousand rupees (Rs 1000/-) per member per year. Nil
999511 Services furnished by business and employers organizations 18%
999512 Services furnished by professional organizations 18%
999520 Services furnished by trade unions 18%
999591 Religious services 18%
999592 Services furnished by political organizations 18%
999593 Services furnished by human rights organizations 18%
999594 Cultural and recreational associations 18%
999595 Services furnished by environmental advocacy groups 18%
999596 Services provided by youth associations 18%
999597 Other civic and social organizations 18%
999598 Homeowners associations 18%
999599 Services provided by other membership organizations n.e.c. 18%

Important Disclaimer

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