What is Transporter ID and its Enrolment Procedure?


    A Transporter ID is a unique identification number assigned to transporters under the E-way bill system in India. It tracks the movement of goods and ensures that the correct transporter is associated with the e-way bill. 

    The enrollment procedure for obtaining a Transporter ID involves registering on the E-way bill portal and providing relevant details such as business name, PAN, GSTIN, address, and contact information. Once registered, the transporter can generate and manage e-way bills on behalf of their clients. 

    This article will provide a detailed guide on the enrollment procedure for obtaining a Transporter ID under the E-way bill system.

    What is a Transporter ID?

    Transporter ID is a 15-digit unique number generated by an e-way bill system for transporters who have not registered themselves under GST. A transporter ID is similar to GSTIN and is acquired through State code, PAN, and check-sum digit. Transporters registered for GST will have a GSTIN, which can be used to log onto the e-way bill system. To comply with the e-way bill requirements and carry the goods using the e-way bill, small transporters without a GSTIN or GST registration can enrol on the e-way bill portal and receive a Transport ID. All transporters must produce an e-way bill if:

    Since unregistered transporters do not possess a GSTIN, a unique transporter ID system has been introduced. 

    Procedure to Generate the Transporter ID

    To obtain the Transporter ID number for e-way bill generation, the transporter would first require to register on the e-way bill portal.

    The following steps discuss the process of generating a transporter ID:

    Step 1: Go to the E-way bill portal and log in to your account. 

    Step 2: Under the Registration button, select enrolment for Transporters

    Step 3: You will be redirected to a new page displaying the enrolment application form. Nine sections need to be filled to gain a transporter ID. These sections include:

    Step 4: When an unregistered transporter enrols in the system, the EWB system generates a 15-digit unique number for them. After confirming all the information, the transporter will be assigned this transporter ID. For the transporter to change the information in PART-B of the e-Way Bill, they must inform the consignor and consignee of this information.

    A Change of Mode of Conveyance During Transit

    Before moving products from one conveyance to another during transit, a transporter must update the information for the new conveyance in the e-way bill that has already been generated on the e-way bill portal in the form EWB-01.

    The catch is that the e-way bill does not need to be updated if the goods are being transported to a consignee within the same State or Union territory as the transporter’s place of business for a distance of fifty kilometres or less.

    A Situation of Transhipment of Goods

    The term transhipment refers to the switching of a good’s mode of conveyance or vehicle during transit. The transporter/generator of the e-way bill has the opportunity to update the vehicle number on the e-way bill of the vehicle in which he is transporting that consignment in this situation.

    The vehicle number can only be updated by the seller or the carrier listed in Part A of the e-way bill, which can happen numerous times. The E-way bill portal also allows switching or reassigning a transporter for an E-way bill. The seller may no longer utilise this option if the initially assigned transporter reassigns another transporter in his place.


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