How to Create and Freeze Sub-Users on the E-Way Bill Portal?


    After registering on the e-way bill portal, suppliers and transporters can use the portal to manage e-way bill activities from end-to-end, right from generation to cancellation. They can also use advanced features like generating e-way bills through SMS, creating, managing and freezing sub-users, creating and managing different types of Masters etc.

    In this article, we will look at how to create, manage and freeze a sub-user on the e-way bill portal.

    Why do you Need to Create a Sub-User?

    Essentially, the need to create sub-users arises from the need to operate a business efficiently. Creating sub-users decentralises essential e-way bill related activities.

    For a business operating in multiple locations or having several branches, it is highly inefficient to have only a single login to the e-way bill portal. The task of generating all e-way bills for transport from multiple locations would make the workload unmanageable.

    Creating sub-users on the e-way bill portal helps overcome this problem.

    All sub-users will use the original login credentials created by the main user, but unlike the main user, sub-users will only be able to do activities they have been authorised to perform by the main user. For example, a sub-user may be granted the authority to generate e-way bills but not the authority to cancel or reject them.

    Steps to Create Multiple Sub-Users Linked to One GSTIN

    To create multiple sub-users for one GSTIN, follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Under User Management on the left side of the dashboard, click Create Sub-user.

    Step 2: An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number or email ID. Enter the OTP and then click on ‘Validate’.

    Step 3: Under the User Creation screen, fill in the details and click on Submit. We’ll go through this step in greater detail.

    Enter the Suffix Login ID and click on ‘Check’ to see if it is available.

    The sub-user’s login ID is auto-generated. It is the concatenation of the taxpayer’s username and the suffix, separated by an underscore (_). For example, if the provided username is ‘abcxyz’ and the suffix login created is ‘xyab’, the sub user’s login ID will be ‘abcxyz_xyab’.

    Enter the name, address, designation, phone number, and email address of the authorised individual who will use this sub-user ID.

    Select the places of the businesses or branches for which the sub-user is permitted to produce e-way bills.

    Choose the activities that are accessible for sub-users on the e-way bill portal. Once this is done, click Submit. If there is no error, the system will create the sub-user and automatically generate and send a password to the contact details to the mobile number and email ID that have been provided for the sub-user.

    How to Freeze a Sub-User on the E-Way Bill Portal?

    To freeze sub-users, follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Under the ‘User Management’ option, select ‘Freeze Sub User’

    Step 2: Select the Sub-User you want to freeze from the options provided. Once the page opens, select Freeze, which appears at the bottom.

    Once the sub-user is frozen, they won’t have access to the facilities provided by the e-way bill system.


    The facility to create and manage sub-users on the e-way bill portal was introduced to ensure that there is not an overload on a single person to generate e-way bills for transport of goods happening from multiple locations owned or operated by the same GSTIN.

    This decentralised approach to managing e-way bills makes the entire process quicker and smoother, thus improving compliance as well.To generate e-way bills quickly and easily, use BUSY’s e-way bill software. After a quick one time setup, you can generate single as well as multiple e-way bills automatically in no time at all!

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