Integration of E-Way Bill With Vahan Portal


    Generating and carrying an e-way bill is mandatory for transporting goods with a value more than ₹50,000. In a bid to curb tax evasion and improve compliance, the Government has decided on the integration of e-way bills with the VAHAN portal.

    In this article, we will explore the implications of this integration.

    What is The VAHAN System?

    VAHAN is a central repository of all information and activity related to vehicles in India. It is used by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. It is designed to be highly flexible and the information it stores is comprehensive. By taking care of the cumbersome activities involved in registering vehicles, the VAHAN portal enables the Transport Department to focus on other, more pressing matters.

    Why is Integration Of E-Way Bill With VAHAN Portal Important?

    The integration between the e-way bill and the VAHAN portals allows a person generating an e-way bill to verify and cross check the registration number of the vehicle that will be used to transport the goods for which the e-way bill is being generated. Since the integration has been implemented, it is no longer possible to generate e-way bills that mention a vehicle number that is not registered on the VAHAN Portal.

    How Does VAHAN And E-Way Bills Integration Work?

    When the person generating an e-way bill enters the vehicle registration number in Part B, the registration number will be immediately checked against the VAHAN database to make sure that it is a valid number. The types of errors that might come up are mentioned below:

    Vehicle Number is Not Available

    In case the vehicle number entered in Part B of the e-way bill is not present in the VAHAN database, this error will be shown. This vehicle number can only be used the first time you enter it in the e-way bill. All further attempts to enter this vehicle number will be blocked. The resolution is simple. You need to get the vehicle information updated at the RTO.

    Vehicle Registered In More Than One RTO

    This error occurs when the vehicle number entered in the e-way bill is found to be registered at multiple RTOs. Again, you can only enter such a vehicle number the first time, and any subsequent attempts to enter the same number will be blocked. You need to visit the correct RTO and update the vehicle details in order to resolve this error.

    Temporary Registration

    New vehicles often get a temporary registration number initially. If you are transporting goods via a vehicle with a temporary registration number, you need to enter ‘TR’ before entering the temporary number on the e-way bill. Otherwise, you will get an error, as the details will not be present in the VAHAN database.

    Details Available on the VAHAN Portal but not on the E-Way Bill Portal

    In this scenario, the only resolution is to submit your grievance to the E-Way Bill helpdesk. Make sure to quote your vehicle number when you contact the helpdesk.

    How To Check the Status Of Vehicle Registration   

    You can check your vehicle registration status online by following the steps below:

    1. Visit the official VAHAN portal – Visit the official VAHAN portal: Go to the official website and select your state from the dropdown menu.
    2. Click on the PariVAHAN tab and select “Vehicle Registration Status”
    3. Enter the Vehicle Number
    4. Enter the Captcha code
    5. Click on “Check Status”
    6. View the Status


    Government organisations are going digital to keep and use their citizens’ data. An effective technique that benefits transporters is an e-way bill because it requires little paperwork, facilitates efficient delivery, lowers expenses, and is simple to use. You can avoid tiresome physical verification while travelling by using an e-way bill.

    BUSY makes it very easy to generate e-way bills automatically without going to the E-Way Bill Portal. After a quick one time setup, you can generate accurate e-way bills in just a few clicks, and even generate e-way bills in bulk. This saves you precious time and tedious effort. Take a free trial of BUSY E-Way Bill Software.

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