Eway Bill Under GST in Jharkhand


    Jharkhand, like all Indian states, must implement the e-way bill system under the GST. The e-way bill is a document that must be generated electronically and accompanies the movement of goods from one place to another. It contains information about the goods being transported, the value of the goods, the destination of the goods, and the vehicle used to transport the goods.

    The e-way bill is required for transporting goods valued at over Rs. 50,000, whether for intrastate or interstate transport. The Jharkhand government has set up a separate portal to generate e-way bills, which registered taxpayers can access. The portal allows for the generation of e-way bills by filling out an online form, which requires information about the supplier, the recipient, the goods being transported, and the vehicle used for transportation.This article discusses Jharkhand’s e-way bill under the GST.

    The System Before GST and E-Way Bills Were Introduced

    Before GST, Jharkhand already had a system in place to track the movement of goods within and out of the state. Dealers had to generate Form Sugam G / Sugam P / Sugam B from the Commercial Tax Department’s website. However, since the introduction of GST and the E-Way Bill system, things have changed. Transporters must now carry a valid e-way bill when moving goods worth more than INR 50,000 within or outside the state. To generate the e-way bill, the user must first register on the e-way bill common portal. The supplier and transporter need to enter the pertinent details on the GST portal to generate the e-way bill. A unique 12 digit e-way bill number is generated for every e-way bill.

    Stakeholders in Generating E-Way Bills in Jharkhand

    There are four main stakeholders involved in generating e-way bills, as listed below:

    Both the supplier as well as the recipient can create e-way bills as well as reject e-way bills that have been created against their GSTIN, but do not belong to them.

    The transporter is responsible for generating the e-way bill if neither the supplier nor the recipient has generated one. He can also generate consolidated e-way bills, and he is also responsible for updating the vehicle information in Part B of the e-way bills that he has been assigned by the taxpayer.

    The department officer is responsible for verifying the e-way bills and checking for any discrepancies between the details mentioned in the e-way bill and the actual goods being transported. Officers are authorised to take legal action if any discrepancy is found.

    How Can Users Generate E-Way Bills in Jharkhand

    In Jharkhand, as in the rest of the country, users can generate e-way bills using any of the following methods:

    1. Generate E-Way Bills through the Common Portal
    2. Generate E-Way Bills through SMS
    3. Generate E-Way Bills using an E-Way Bill Software

    Click the links above to see the step-by-step instructions to generate e-way bills using that particular method.

    If you are generating e-way bills regularly, it would be helpful to know how to modify, reject or cancel e-way bills as well.


    Implementing the e-way bill system in Jharkhand has improved the flow of products and reduced instances of tax evasion. With less paperwork and less need for human monitoring, the technology has made it simpler for businesses to adhere to GST requirements. It is important for businesses that transport goods regularly to know the laws and regulations around e-way bills in order to avoid fines and ensure their products are transported without any problems. Using BUSY E-Way Bill Software to generate e-way bills automatically will save time and effort.

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