GST E-Invoicing API: Who Can Access It, What Are The Requirements, And The Best Practices


    The GST E-Invoicing API is a digital solution that facilitates the generation of invoices in a standardised electronic format for Goods and Services Tax (GST) transactions in India. The API enables businesses to generate and share invoices seamlessly with their trading partners and the GST portal. 

    Uses Of API 

    The APIs will then transport the data to the e-way bill and GST portals once the taxpayer has submitted it in their ERP.

    Turnover In the Previous Financial Year Applicable Date
    More Than Rs. 500 Crore1st October 2020 (Mandatory With Certain Exemption) 
    More Than Rs. 100 Crore and Less Than Rs. 500 Crore1st January 2021 (Mandatory With Certain Exemptions)
    More Than Rs. 50 Crore 1st April 2021
    More Than Rs. 20 Crore 1st April 2022
    More Than Rs. 10 Crore1st October 2022

    **Revenue made from 2017–18 to 2021–22. Financial institutions, NBFCs, the GTA, and passenger transportation services have all been exempted from e-invoicing and QR code generation.

    What Is The Purpose Of Using APIs Under GST? 

    To ensure a successful implementation of GST, it is essential to prioritise the convenience of taxpayers. Third-party software that provides a variety of user interfaces on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices can connect to the GST filing system. 

    Taxpayers can generate e-invoices using their ERP software and report them on the invoice registration portal under e-invoicing (IRP). The IRP has developed the e-invoice process in API mode, which can be integrated into the current ERP systems of GSPs and taxpayers to immediately produce e-invoices.

    Types Of APIs

    Below are different types of APIs.

    How does API help in Generating E-Invoices?

    API (Application Programming Interface) plays a crucial role in generating E-Invoices by providing a standard protocol for integration between different software applications. In the case of E-Invoicing, the API enables seamless integration between third-party invoicing software and the government’s E-Invoicing system, ensuring that invoices are generated and processed accurately. 

    The E-Invoicing API makes generating E-Invoices efficient and streamlined while reducing the chances of errors or discrepancies. It also enables real-time data validation, ensuring that the invoice meets all the requirements before submission. 

    What Are the Benefits Of Using APIs?

    Prerequisites For Using API For E-Invoice 

    Below are some of the requirements for using API for E-Invoice:

    When You Use Third-Party Applications For E-Invoicing

    When using third-party applications for E-Invoicing under GST, it is important to ensure that they have integrated with the E-Invoicing API. This API allows for seamless integration between the third-party application and the government’s E-Invoicing system, ensuring that invoices are generated and processed correctly. It is also important to verify that the third-party application complies with all GST regulations and guidelines to avoid potential legal issues. Additionally, it is recommended to choose a reputable and established provider for third-party E-Invoicing services to ensure the security and reliability of your invoicing process.


    The GST E-Invoicing API is a game-changer for businesses operating under India’s GST system. This technology allows businesses to automate and streamline their invoicing processes, reduce errors, and improve compliance with GST rules. 

    However, to access the API, businesses must meet certain requirements, such as having a valid GSTIN and integrating their accounting software with the API. Moreover, businesses must follow best practices to ensure the accuracy and integrity of their e-invoices, such as validating invoice data, using unique invoice numbers, and ensuring the timely submission of invoices to the GST portal. Overall, the GST E-Invoicing API is a powerful tool that can help businesses save time, reduce costs, and improve their compliance with GST regulations.

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