Valuation Rule For Supply Under Goods and Services Tax


    Recently, GST valuation rules were implemented. According to the GST law, each supply must be valued using these guidelines. Read here to know more about the valuation rule. 

    What Is Valuation Of Supply Under GST?

    The value of the supply made will be subject to the goods and service tax. For estimating the value of the supply on which GST must be levied, the new law has offered a number of rules that can be used as a guide. Simply said, these regulations will aid in figuring out the GST Charging value. 

    Analysis Of Valuation Rules For Supply  

    Recently published valuation rules are now available for public feedback. You can now obtain these guidelines on the CBEC portal by clicking here. These regulations will impact all firms. We have developed our study of these valuation rules in order to make it simple. All possible situations in which value is necessary are divided into seven groups under the following heads. 

    Most of these valuation criteria are case-specific, and the GST council, which wields enormous influence, has also named a number of enterprises, including those that deal in the sale of foreign currency and life insurance, along with their unique valuation guidelines (Under clause 6 above). We’ll write a number of articles and attempt to address every aspect of the valuation regulations. 

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