Monthly Tax and ITC Summary Report


    The Monthly Tax and ITC Summary Report may be used to analyse and maintain track of the output taxes paid and the input tax credit used within any given period. When completing yearly returns, the taxpayer must provide a detailed accounting of all taxes paid and input tax credits taken throughout the year. The report may be compared to the books of account, making it simple to spot discrepancies.

    Importance of the Monthly Tax and ITC Summary Report

    Given below are some of the reasons why a monthly gax and ITC summary report is important:

    Reasons for Mismatches in the Books of Accounts and the Monthly Tax and ITC Summary Report

    There are a few potential causes for a discrepancy between the books and the Monthly Tax and ITC summary report:

    Reconciliation at filing the Annual return: The monthly tax obligation must agree with the liability indicated in the yearly return. Thus the two must be reconciled. As such, the GST purchases qualifying for input tax credit should match the monthly credit claimed.

    This method facilitates the closing of a taxpayer’s books and aids in filing yearly returns. It would also help prevent taxpayers from receiving notifications due to differences between their monthly and annual GST filings.


    The monthly tax and ITC summary report thoroughly overviews the business’s tax liabilities and ITC. This report helps businesses to assess their compliance with tax regulations and identify discrepancies in their tax payments and credit claims. Businesses can ensure that they meet their tax liabilities while optimising their ITC utilisation. 

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