Customizable Billing Software for Retail Shops

With BUSY, managing a Retail Store has never been so easy. Its wide variety of features makes retailing a pleasant & joyful experience. BUSY’s Retail solutions not only manage inventory efficiently but also provide some of the best retailing options to help overall business growth.

BUSY - Best GST Accounting Software for growing Small Business
BUSY Retail Software

What is billing software for retail shop?

Billing processes carried out in a retail store are intricate and need to be error-free. Whether you want to strengthen customer base or increase brand awareness, BUSY is the customizable retail billing software with advanced billing functions. This GST retail software has integrated tools which automate generation of invoice for products & services in an efficient manner. BUSY is intended at digitizing your business further boosting the profitability yielded through operations.

Why choose retail billing software?

Modern businesses need to address several tasks which imply the need of efficient billing and effortless solution. BUSY is a well-tailored retail shop software that enables businesses to record, track and collect payments easily. Not only does it reduce costs and increase efficiency of billing and invoicing, but, it even simplifies & streamlines accounting tasks. The software offers you control over integrated inter business through integrated interface. Calculation based errors, timeline delays and processing time issues can be addressed with the automated features of BUSY software.

BUSY Retail Software

Benefits of retail billing software

There are many benefits of using BUSY software for retail store billing and other accounting processes. Not only is it limited to simplifying the daily accounting and invoicing operations, but also, contribute to accurate & smooth functioning. Here are some of the benefits of BUSY retail shop software for billing.

Automatic backup

The secure backup database of BUSY enables businesses to store confidential and essential data. The accidental data loss can be retrieved through automatic backup of this billing software for retail shop.

Control over business

No matter the business operations are being carried out through office or any other place, the convenient accessibility helps retail stores to function with a single click. Attain control over business by using BUSY for accounting functions.

Compatible with mobile and desktop

Whether you are working on a PC in a retail store for generating bills and performing daily accounting operations or using handheld device to use BUSY software, it offers utmost compatibility with mobile and desktop versions.

100% data safety assured

Want to store confidential data of business through retail shop billing software? BUSY has 100% safety assurance for users to keep essential data safe.

Why Businesses Choose Us?​

GSTR 1/2A/3B Reconciliation

Simple and easy to use (doesn’t require accounting knowledge).

GSTR 1/2A/3B Reconciliation

Highly flexible to accommodate diverse business needs.

GSTR 1/2A/3B Reconciliation

Scalable as per your

growing business needs.

GSTR 1/2A/3B Reconciliation

In-built GSP features like (Auto E-way Bill, GSTR 2A, E-Invoicing, etc.).

Key Features of Retail Billing Software

Managing stock of such a diverse range of products is a challenging task. Retail store owners generally strive very
hard to manage vast inventory, provide prompt and quick billing service, maintain different characteristics
associated with each & every item, and most importantly, maintain a healthy customer relationship.

billing software mrp wise stock

MRP-wise Stock

The stock of items in which MRP changes very frequently can be maintained MRP–wise. Along with Item MRP, the Sales Price of the item is also maintained.

billing software serial no.

Serial No wise Inventory

Users can automatically generate Serial numbers by specifying the item components to be included in the serial number or feed the serial number manually with an item.

billing software batch wise detail


Batch-wise feature can be used with perishable goods such as pickles, imported fruits, bread, and so on in which it is required to maintain lot number and expiry date.

billing software item barcode

Item Barcode

With the Item Bar Code feature, one can read / print Bar codes, generate Item labels, and maintain multiple Alias with the item.

billing software thermal printing

Printing on Thermal Printers

BUSY provides Customized Invoice printing, and it is compatible with the available Cash Drawer facility.

billing software multiple scheme mgmt

Scheme Management

A scheme is a compelling feature with which one can configure almost any type of scheme. The scheme can be applied at item level as well as voucher level.

billing software pole display

Pole Display

With this feature, you can display billing details to the customer, and the device can be attached to any computer.

billing software print daily message

Print Daily Message

With this feature, you can input Date-wise Promotional Offers and print such promotional offers on the final bill.

billing software pos billing

POS Billing

POS refers to the point of sale. With POS, you can specify fixed billing details in advance so that minimum data entry is required at the time of billing. Amount Settlement details can also be specified in POS with various settlement modes.

billing software different pricing mode

Different Pricing Mode

Pricing modes can be predefined, so that correct prices are picked at the time of data entry. You can specify multiple price lists with items, specify separate pricing / discount structures for sale and purchase and configure party-wise and item–wise price / discount structures.

billing software parametrise details

Parameterized stock

Parameters are the additional characteristics or attributes that can be defined for an item. Users can make a sale / purchase based on item parameters and view parameterized stock reports.

Maximize your retail shop profit with BUSY

Invest on BUSY, the best billing software for retail shop and understand the modern dynamics of accounting in lesser cost. Boost sales and maximize profit by switching to this comprehensive Billing software. BUSY helps you in keeping out redundant, monotonous and recurring tasks through efficient interface with easy to access accounting and management tools. Avoid customer queues by efficient customer management and control retail store effortless with this billing software

Package Features
Express Limited but sufficient accounting functionalities
Basic Supports invoicing, accounting, basic inventory and statutory reports
Standard Advanced accounting and management features for medium level businesses
Enterprise Advanced accounting features for businesses of larger size

FAQs about BUSY Retail Billing Software

How BUSY Retail Billing Software Works?

BUSY, the integrated retail store billing software enables the businesses to handle their inventory management, invoicing, payroll, taxation and other advanced accounting functions with utmost ease & precision. Whether it is a creation of bill with a single click, management of sale & purchase window, expense management or customer management, this retail software offers transparent, automated and cost-effective solution to retailers.

What are the advantages of digitizing the retail store?

The fast paced modern business world has lots of tasks to be addressed in a day without missing out any customer. However, with manual or traditional billing system, a retail store may not be able to avoid customer queue and delay in daily operations. Alternatively, human errors in billing and retail invoice management can lead to lack of trust among customers. This is where the need of digitizing the retail store arises, wherein, BUSY acts as the ideal software to serve the purpose effectively and effortlessly.

How should I choose the best retail billing software for my business?

You just need to identify the purpose of automated billing and assess the feature according to the nature as well as the size of your retail store business. Some of the software versions have basic yet sufficient features while others are tailored according to the size, business requirements and advanced functioning of the retail billing solution. In short, the Express, Basic, Standard and Enterprise packages of the best retail billing software can be chosen from depending on its utility and benefits.

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md rspl


Niraj Gupta

Managing Director
Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd.

Company Logo

"We are using BUSY for the past 20 Years. With its comprehensive feature capabilities like Multiple branch management, Multiple Godown management, GST, Royalties, etc. It played a pivotal role in our success and has made managing our business with ease. It is a kind of magic wand if you wish anything they give it to you."

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Amit Saraf

Managing Director
IMS Mercantiles Pvt. Ltd.

Digitek Company Logo

" In BUSY, Managing Inventory at various locations, Serial No.-wise tracking, Different Pricing for various SKUs has proved to be a boon for us. The backup utility program present in BUSY keeps us worry-free and allows you to focus on your work. BUSY is a Customer Friendly Software Company with amazing backend support. "

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Rajan Dhingra

Managing Director
DNS Global

Digitek Company Logo

" For accounting we are mostly dependant upon BUSY. It is very user-friendly and we have been using it for past 25 years for catering our clients of various business segments. Implementation of GST is the smoothest in BUSY. At click of a button you can come out with GST Returns and GSTR 2A Reconciliation is also very smooth. "

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