What Is Masters And How to Manage Masters under eWay Bill System


Date: 28 Dec 2022

What are Masters, and how to manage them under the E-way bill?

Under the many facilities provided by the E-way bill system, one such is maintaining Masters, an account that includes the record of all the products, clients, suppliers, and transporters frequently dealt with by the registered taxpayer.   

Why is maintaining a Master on the E-way bill important?

Maintaining the Master and keeping it updated on the E-way bill portal is essential as it helps in saving the registered taxpayer’s time. Entering the exact details of the customer, product with HSN codes, GST rates, etc., is a cumbersome process. Thus, the Masters feature helps make the process quicker by avoiding repetitive tasks. 

How does Masters on the E-way bill portal work?

Masters on the E-way bill portal work according to the history of the records of the products, client or customer details, supplier details, and transporter details. As soon as the taxpayer enters the first letter of the required information, Masters, automatically fills in the details. 


Busy Accounting Software’s auto e-way bill generation feature will make your entire process easy and convenient. 

What are the different types of Masters?

The different types of Masters are:

  • Product Master

  • Client or Customer Master

  • Supplier Master

  • Transporter Master


Let’s look at each of them in detail.


Product Master

To create a Product Master, a registered taxpayer must log in to their account on the e-way bill portal. Then follow the below steps:



Step 1: Select the option of Master from the left side of the panel, and under the drop-down section, click on Product.


Step 2: Further, fill in the following details: 

  • The Product name

  • Measurement unit of the Product

  • Brief description

  • HSN code

  • Rate of tax for all the taxes (SGST, CGST, IGST, Cess)


Step 3: After filling in the above details, click Submit, and the system will validate the details. If there are any errors, correct them and recheck the information before clicking on Submit again. 

Client or Customer Master

To create a client or Customer Master, the registered taxpayer must select the option of Clients under the drop-down menu of Master. The user will have to provide details based on the situation, whether the customer is registered or not.


Step 1: If the customer is a registered taxpayer, then the user must enter the GSTIN, and the system will automatically show the customer's details. 



If the customer has an additional place of business, then both the main and the additional place of business will be shown. The user will have to select the place of business and the distance in km from his place of business. 



The user will then have to press the Submit option. After submitting, the system will save the details. 



Step 2: In the situation where the customer is not registered,  the user needs to select the option of Unregistered and then fill in the following details:


  • State (Select from the drop-down menu)

  • Name

  • Address

  • Place

  • PIN Code

  • Mobile Number

  • Email ID

  • Approximate Distance (in KM)



After filling in the above details, the user needs to click on Submit. 



As soon as the details are submitted, the customer details, the system will validate the information, and if there is any error, a pop-up will appear. Once the information is confirmed, the portal will save the customer Master. 


Supplier Master

The procedure of creating a supplier’s Master is the same as the one making the Customer Master. 

Transporter Master

To create a Transporter Master, the user needs to follow the given steps:


  • Under the Master option on the E-way bill portal, select Transport

  • Enter the Transporter’s number and then click on Submit

  • The legal name details will be automatically filled

  • Users must input their state, name, client's address, location, pin code, phone number, email address, and approximate distance from their company location. After the information is submitted, the system verifies the entered values and displays the proper notification for any mistakes.



Thus, the client information is recorded in the masters and will be accessible as needed.

Creating Masters in Bulk

To create the Masters in bulk, the user must go to the e-way bill portal (www.ewaybill.nic.in). Then follow the below steps:


Step 1: On the portal's Homepage, click on How to Use. Select the option of Tools, and under that, select Bulk Generation Tools.



Step 2: Click on Master JSON Preparation to download



Step 3: The user needs to fill in the details in the downloaded files and validate them



Step 4: Click on Prepare JSON on each excel.


Step 5: Select the sheet on which you want to update the data



Step 6: Upload the JSON file created, and then the list will be available to view once the file is uploaded successfully. 


To know more about JSON files, schema and template, read here


Updating and maintaining the master is important as it will help taxpayers save time by not entering the same customer details, product, HSN, GST Rate, etc. Using Busy Accounting Software’s e-way bill master facility, every taxpayer can easily update and maintain the master.