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Date: 29 Dec 2022

All about the einvoice1-trial.nic.in – Trial Invoice Registration Portal


The e-invoicing system is being implemented in stages. The National Informatics Center was the first designated invoice registration portal (IRP) for this (NIC). A trial version of einvoice1-trial.nic.in was made available to taxpayers so they could get accustomed to using it. However, the government withdrew this website since many taxpayers were using it to create their e-invoices.


What Is einvoice1-trial.nic.in?

The relevant taxpayer tested the e-invoice generation for integration testing on the website einvoice1-trial.nic.in. Because many taxpayers were becoming confused with the actual production NIC's website, the trial e-invoice website is no longer accessible. In terms of e-invoicing, it mainly consisted of the following tasks.


Content Of The Website

Before Logging In-

  • Upon accessing the website's homepage, a section containing updates relating to e-invoices could be found, where details regarding new features of the e-invoicing system are provided.

  • The 'Laws' section contained various rules, forms, notifications and circulars related to e-invoicing. 

  • The 'help' section for the user manual, FAQs and tools like bulk generation tools can be found.

  • The following information can be looked up in the "Search" section: 


  1. Taxpayer details by entering their GSTIN.

  2. Product and service details by entering the HSN codes

  3. Verification of a signed invoice

  4. Status of e-invoice of the taxpayer. 

  • There is a phone number and email address for support under the "Contact Us" section. 

  • The place where users register to utilise the e-invoicing system for the first time on the website. The registration facility is available for different types of users, such as SMS-based, mobile-based, GPS-based, API based, etc. Depending on the choice made during registration, an e-invoice generation mode is available.

  • The 'login' section to enter credentials after registration is successful. 



After Logging In-


After a successful login, the main menu screen looks like this:



The information above shows that there are five main options.

  • E-Invoice 

  • MIS Reports

  • User Management

  • Update

  • E-Way Bill



The e-invoice menu contains the following sub-menus-

  1. Generate IRN - This option lets the taxpayer generate the unique IRN by manually entering the invoice/debit note/credit note details. 



A QR code was provided on the website/IRP that could be scanned to rapidly access the JSON of the electronic invoice and enable digital signatures. The 64-character IRN for each invoice would be distinct.

  1. Generate Bulk IRN - Rather than entering the data for each invoice one at a time, it is now possible to upload numerous invoices in a single JSON file. The website also provides a bulk converter tool that may be used to create JSON. Every invoice contained in the JSON will receive a different IRN.

  2. Cancel IRN - If the information for an invoice was uploaded incorrectly, the generated IRN might also be cancelled within 24 hours of developing it. Remember that the IRN cannot be removed; even a cancelled invoice still has a distinct IRN. You may find the invoice that has to be cancelled by entering the acknowledgement number.



The system notifies "e-invoice cancelled successfully!" after the successful cancellation.



  1. Print e-Invoice - It is necessary to enter the relevant invoice's IRN/e-invoice number.

A sample of the print can be seen below:



MIS Reports

An MIS report could be created using this option. A list of uploaded bills will be presented based on criteria and dates. Using the "Export To Spreadsheet Tab," you may also export this list in excel format.


User Management 

In a large firm, various individuals may play various responsibilities in the organisation's handling of bills. Depending on their position, these users' access could be managed through this site.



The options available are "Create Sub-User," "Freeze Sub-User," "Update Sub-User," and "Change Password," as seen in the above figure. Each of these sub-users received the ensuing kinds of permissions-

  • Generate Invoice Reference Number

  • Cancel Invoice reference Number

  • Report Invoice Reference Number 


The user IDs of the sub-users would be the same as those of the primary user, with the addition of a suffix, and they would each be given unique login credentials.



The process of entering company information each time an e-invoice is created may be tedious. As a result, by using this option, you can use the information from the GST common site to automatically fill up some fields when creating an e-invoice.


E-Way Bill 

Entering company information each time an e-invoice is created may be tedious. As a result, by using this option, you can use the information from the GST common site to automatically fill up some fields when creating an e-invoice.



With Busy accounting software, you can generate IRN, cancel IRN, get GTIN details and complete system checks. It will eliminate the multiple visits to IRP, enabling you to generate and perform invoice operations within ERP itself. E-invoice has many benefits, such as auto-reporting invoices into GST returns and generation of the e-way bill, reducing the processing costs and improving business efficiency.