E-Way Bill Requirements – Transportation Of Goods By Airways


    Moving forward, GSTIN will need to be linked to all e-way bills that are generated for transporting goods worth more than ₹50,000 by road, air, ship, rail etc. The new format of the e-way bill can be generated by filling Form GST EWB-01 through the GST Portal. This is applicable to both interstate and intrastate transportation.

    In this article, we will discuss how to make e-way bills for transport by air.

    How to Make E-Way Bill For Goods Transported by Air

    The following are important points to note when transporting goods by air:

    Documents to Generate an E-Way Bill for Transport by Air

    The following documents are required to generate an E-way bill for transporting goods by air:

    The airway bill number is the same as the transport document number provided by the airline on the transport document issued by them.


    The E-Way Bill requirements for the transportation of goods by airways have been put in place to ensure the efficient and transparent movement of goods across the country. The E-Way Bill serves as a document that contains all the essential details related to the consignment, such as the origin, destination, and value of the goods being transported. The laws governing e-way bill compliances for air transport have been put in place to ensure that tax evasion is kept to a minimum, and that the goods are tracked properly throughout their journey from origin to destination.

    Using a software to generate e-way bills is highly recommended since you can save a lot of precious time and tedious effort that goes into e-way bill generation on the EWB portal. Using BUSY, you can generate single as well as bulk e-way bills quickly and easily.

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