What is GSTR-4?


GSTR-4 is a GST return that needs to be filed by taxpayers in India who have opted for the Composition Scheme. The Composition Scheme is a simplified scheme for small businesses that allows them to pay a fixed rate of tax based on their turnover and avoid the complexities of regular GST compliance. GSTR-4 is a quarterly return that contains details of the outward supplies made by the taxpayer, taxes paid, and the input tax credit claimed. 

The form is intended to provide a summary of the taxpayer’s transactions during a particular quarter and simplify the process of filing GST returns. However, the process of filing GSTR-4 can be confusing for first-time filers, and it is essential to understand the requirements and guidelines for accurate filing.

This guide to GSTR-4 aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the form and help taxpayers navigate the process of filing it correctly and on time.

What is GSTR-4?

As mentioned, GSTR-4 is a GST Return that is to be filed by composition dealers on an annual basis. In fact, it is the only GST Return that taxpayers need to file if they have opted for the composition scheme. This is in contrast to regular taxpayers, who need to file three returns on a monthly basis.

Who Should File GSTR-4?

GSTR-4 is only applicable to taxpayers opting for the GST Composition Scheme. This scheme allows small taxpayers to avoid cumbersome GST formalities and pay GST simply at a set turnover rate. Any taxpayer with an annual turnover of less than Rs. 1.5 Crore may choose this scheme.

The following dealers are recognised as part of the composition scheme:

  1. Taxpayers who chose the composition scheme before the transition to the GST or their original GST registration and have never opted out since;
  2. Taxpayers who chose to participate in the composition scheme prior to the commencement of any fiscal year since the implementation of the GST regime;
  3. Taxpayers first chose composition but then decided against it at any time during the year.

What is the Format of GSTR-4?

The GSTR-4 is composed of the following components: 

Inward supply details include the following:

Prerequisites for Filing GSTR-4

The composition taxpayer must have met the following prerequisites before drafting and filing GSTR-4:

  1. A minimum of one day within the applicable financial year was spent signing up and choosing the composition scheme.
  2. Filed all pertinent form CMP-08 statements for each fiscal year’s four quarters.
  3. Note the total turnover that was recorded for the previous fiscal year.

How to File GSTR-4?

The following are the steps for filing an annual GSTR-4 online:

Step 1: Access the GST portal and sign in with your login credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to the Annual Return section by selecting Services > Returns > Annual Return from the options available.

Step 3: On the dashboard, click the ‘File Annual Returns’ button and select the relevant financial year for which you wish to file the return.

Step 4: Carefully read the help instructions and messages provided on the page, and then select the PREPARE ONLINE option to proceed.

Step 5: Enter all the necessary information required in the various tables of GSTR 4, as per the format of GSTR-4 discussed above.

Step 6: Once you have entered all the relevant details, review the updated GSTR 4 return by clicking on either the ‘Download GSTR 4 Summary (PDF)’ or ‘Download GSTR 4 (Excel)’ button.

Step 7: After verifying the accuracy of the information entered, select the declaration checkbox and provide an authorised signatory. Finally, click on the FILE GSTR 4 button to submit the return.

Step 8: A warning message will appear on the screen. Select YES and then choose either FILE WITH DSC or FILE WITH EVC to complete the filing process.


Filing GSTR-4 is an important requirement for taxpayers who have opted for the Composition Scheme in India. It is an annual return that provides a summary of the taxpayer’s transactions during the past financial year and simplifies the process of GST compliance for composition dealers.

This guide to GSTR-4 provides a comprehensive overview of the form and the steps involved in filing it correctly.Filing GST Returns can be a complicated process, so it is recommended that you use a robust GST Accounting Software like BUSY to make the process easy and simple, ensuring GST compliance for your business.

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