GST Registration Certificate – Everything You Need to Know


A GST Registration Certificate (Form GST REG-06) is provided to all businesses and individuals registered under Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act. The GST Registration Certificate is one of the most important documents that your business needs to obtain while registering for GST. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about this crucial document, including its importance, uses and how to download it from the GST Portal.

What is a GST Registration Certificate?

A GST Registration Certificate is a document that confirms and proves that your business is registered under GST. It gives your business the authority to collect and pay GST on the goods and services it supplies to customers. Your certificate also allows you to claim Input Tax Credit, as you are now legally recognised as a supplier of goods and services by the GST authority. The GST Registration certificate contains vital information, such as your GSTIN, Legal Name of Your Business, and the date of GST registration, among other information. All businesses registered under GST are required by law to display the GST Registration Certificate in a prominent place at their primary place of business, as well as any additional places of business as mentioned in the certificate. If they fail to do so, they are liable to pay a penalty of ₹25,000. You can download a fresh GST Registration certificate from the GST Portal whenever there is any amendment made to the GST Registration details you provided in your previous GST Registration Certificate.

Importance of a GST Registration Certificate

Having a valid GST Registration Certificate is proof of your registration under the GST Act, which makes your business eligible for several benefits:

  1. You are legally recognised as a supplier of goods and services
  2. You are authorised to collect GST from your customers on behalf of the Government, and you can also pass on the credit of taxes already paid on the goods and services supplied by you to your customers.
  3. You are eligible to claim Input Tax Credit of taxes already paid, allowing you to reduce your tax burden. To avail ITC, you must issue a valid GST Invoice to your customers, for which you require a GST Registration Certificate.
  4. The mechanism allows for a seamless flow of Input Tax Credit from you (the supplier) to your customers (the recipients) at the national level.
  5. Your credibility increases with GST Registration, as it shows that your business is compliant with the prevailing tax laws.

Important Information in a GST Registration Certificate

The GST Registration Certificate has 3 components:

The Main Registration Certificate includes the following information:

Annexure-A provides the following details:

Annexure-B includes:

Sample of a GST Registration Certificate

Here is a sample of the Main Registration Certificate:

Below is a sample of Annexure-A:

Below is a sample of Annexure-B:

How to obtain a GST Registration Certificate?

To apply for GST Registration, eligible persons must visit the GST Portal website to submit their application. Registration is approved once the proper officer has verified the application. If an application is submitted within 30 days from the date of liability, registration will be granted from the date the liability for registration arose. But in case it isn’t submitted within that time frame, then the registration is considered valid from the day it is granted. Read our step-by-step guide to GST Registration to know more.

How to download the GST Registration Certificate?

To download the GST Registration Certificate, follow this step-by-step-process:

  1. Visit and login with your account details
  2. Go to the “Services” Tab
  3. Select “User Services”
  4. Choose “View/Download Certificate”
  5. Click “Download”

For a more detailed walkthrough, continue reading.

Step 1 – Visit the GST Portal and Login with Account Details

Step 2 – Navigate to Services > User Services > View/Download Certificate

Step 3: Click the Download Icon


Obtaining your GST Registration Certificate is an important step in tax compliance for your business. The certificate serves as evidence of your GST Registration and entitles you to the benefits of GST Registration. The certificate can be easily downloaded by following the steps shown above. You should always display your GST Registration  Certificate in a prominent location at your primary as well as additional places of business. If you have recently completed your GST Registration, you may require a robust GST Accounting Software moving forward to take care of many GST Compliances for your business smoothly.

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