How to use Bulk Generation Facility on the e-Way Bill Portal?


Date: 28 Dec 2022

How to Generate E-way Bills in Bulk?


Large-scale corporate organisations or logistic operators who manage numerous shipments across the nation in a single day would prefer a simple and time-saving system that allows them to generate the necessary e-way bills or update vehicle information with a single file upload. Using the bulk e-way bill production feature on the e-way bills site will enable you to do this. 


Users who have to generate many e-way bills, consolidate several e-way bills, or update multiple e-way bills simultaneously by a single upload use the bulk e-way bill option. This article outlines the step-by-step procedure for creating consolidated or bulk e-way bills on the e-way bill portal.

Prerequisites for generating E-way bills in bulk

The following prerequisites should be met to generate bulk e-way bills:


  1. You should be registered on the e-way bill portal

  2. You should be in possession of an invoice/bill/challan related to the shipment of goods. 

  3. You should have a valid Transporter ID or vehicle number when transporting by road.

  4. In the case of transporting through rail, air, or ship, you should have a transporter ID, a Transporter document number, and a valid date on the document. 

  5. The taxpayer must have all the individual e-way bill numbers of the goods to be transported in one conveyance.

  6. You need to possess the EWB JSON template, EWB bulk converter, or the excel sheet template and update the information between points 2 to 4.


You can use Busy Accounting Software’s auto e-way bill generation feature to make the process of bulk generation of e-way bills convenient. 

Preparing data for using templates

The JSON template is necessary for the bulk e-way bill generation process. The JSON template is a single file with numerous e-way bill requests. For generating e-way bills in bulk, the JSON template can be saved on the computer. The JSON file can be produced using one of two methods:


  1. E-way bill JSON template

Step 1: Download the JSON template- e-way bill JSON template or consolidated e-way bill JSON template


Step 2: Fill in the details in the downloaded template


Step 3: The file is ready to be uploaded

  1. E-way bill JSON template preparation tool

Step 1: First, Download the excel template, JSON template or consolidated e-way bill JSON template


Step 2: Then download the converter tool e-way bill converter tool or consolidate the e-way bill converter tool


Step 3: Fill in the details of the transaction in the downloaded excel template


Step 4: Using the converter file, convert the excel template into the JSON template, and it will be ready to upload


Bulk update Vehicle information

The bulk e-way bill generation tool helps in saving a lot of time spent on updating every vehicle’s details one by one. The following steps are followed to bulk update Vehicle information:


Step 1: Log on to the e-way bill portal 


Step 2: On the left side of the dashboard, under the home tab, select How to use, and a drop-down will appear


Step 3: From the options provided in the drop-down, select tools, and then under that, choose Bulk generation tool.


Step 4: You will be redirected to a download page where you are required to download Vehicle JSON Preparation.


Step 5: Fill in the details in the downloaded excel template and click on Validate after rechecking the details. 


Step 6: After the details have been thoroughly verified, select the Prepare JSON option to get the JSON template ready to use.


Step 7: Once all the JSON files have been prepared, they can be uploaded to the E-way portal.


Generating the Bulk E-way bill

After preparing the JSON files, a bulk e-way bill or a consolidated e-way bill can be generated. The following steps discuss the generation of a bulk e-way bill:


Step 1: Visit the e-way bill portal (www.e


Step 2: Log in to your profile 


Step 3: you will be directed to the main screen. On the left side of the main screen, click on the e-way bill option under the Home tab.


Step 4: From the option displayed on the drop-down, select the Generate Bulk option.


Step 5: You will be redirected to a page where the JSON file can be uploaded. Select the option of Choose File and select the relevant JSON file.


Step 6: After uploading the relevant JSON file, click on Upload and Generate.


The website will handle the request. An error notice will be sent if the fields are blank. It is required to make the appropriate changes and repeat the process if there are any other errors. Generating the e-way bill will be successful if everything runs smoothly.

Bulk update of Vehicle information

The bulk update of Vehicle information is slightly different from the bulk e-way bill generation. The following steps discuss the bulk update of Vehicle information:


Step 1: On the left side of the home screen, select the e-way bill option


Step 2: Select Update Vehicle Bulk under the drop-down menu


Step 3: Select the Choose file option and the relevant JSON file. Click on upload after selecting the file. 


Step 4: Once the file has been uploaded, click on Generate, and the Vehicle information will be updated.



The above-discussed procedures generate bulk e-way bills and update vehicle information. This facility is introduced to minimise the issue of handling too many e-way bills at once and introduce one detailed e-way bill.  With busy accounting software, you can generate bulk e-way bills.