Various JSON Filing Errors When Filing GSTR-9C: Resolve JSON Errors


Date: 02 Feb 2023

Different Types of Json Errors While Filing GSTR-9C

Since the introduction of GST, there have been several misconceptions around the submission of Form GSTR-9C, particularly in relation to creating and uploading the GSTR-9C JSON file. Here we will help you solve any JSON issues you may run into when submitting your GSTR-9C. However, it's crucial to understand the prerequisites for filing GSTR-9C before going on to JSON problems.

List Of JSON Errors In GSTR-9C Filings And Solutions 

List of JSON issues that occurred during the creation and upload of the GSTR-9C JSON file and their fixes.

Errors While Generating a JSON File  
Error Solution
Sheet Validation Error   Select the option ‘Validate Sheet’ for every part in GSTR-9C
OLE Application Close all of your Word or Excel documents from your system and emisgner. 2. To enable and download an unsigned "activex control," go to Windows > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > "Automatic Prompting For Activex Control."' 3.Select "Prompt," then select "OK." Download Notepad++ here. Select "wsweb.html" by selecting "right-click" from the utility folder. 4. Click on "Edit using Notepad++" Choose "tag," add a space after "tag," and then click the backspace button. 5. Before closing the file, save it. 6. To make the updated settings effective, restart the computer. 7. Reopen emsigner > Recreate the JSON file creation process by opening the Utility.  
Unable To Sign  Verify that the name entered in Part V and Part B(i) or (ii) of GSTR-9C - Offline Utility is the same by carefully examining it in DSC. 2. Also, instead of writing the membership number as "012345," write it as "12345." 3. Make sure the emsigner is active.
Errors While Uploading a JSON File  
Error Occurred 1. It is a system error. Try to reload the file 2-3 times. 2. Prepare the offline Utility once more, then upload it if the error reappears.
Received But Pending 1. It's a system error. Try loading the file two or three times. 2. Prepare the offline Utility once more, then upload it if the error reappears.
Processed With Error 1. By clicking on it, a download error report can be requested. 2. The column with errors can be viewed separately in red when you open the error file GSTR-9C offline utility.3. Fix the problem and create the JSON file again.4. Upload the JSON.
"Compile Errors" appears while submitting the GSTR9-C To prepare GSTR-9C, use a version of Microsoft Excel that is higher than 2007.
The phrase "File Generation is Underway" This is the error message for the offline GSTR-9C Utility. When customers download JSON, which is used to import in offline utilities to receive the automatically completed GSTR-9 data, this is shown. In order to acquire the extract, please adhere to the guidelines below.:1 ) Click the "Initiate-Filling" button on the GSTR-9C tile.2) On the screen, the GSTR-9C page appears.3)Click the option that says "DOWNLOAD GSTR-9C TABLES DERIVED FROM GSTR-9 PDF." The auditor must manually enter the values in GSTR-9C offline. Make a JSON file using the Utility with the taxpayer's signatures, then email it to him.
To automatically populate GSTR 9 data in the GSTR 9C offline tool, users are attempting to obtain GSTR 9 data from the GST portal as a JSON file. The error message "File generation is in progress" appears when using the GSTR-9C Offline tool. GSTR 9C offline Tool isn't intended to be automatically filled in. Only manually entered data can be used in the tool.


What To Do If User Gets An Error 'Auditor's Sign Is Invalid' 

Carry Out the following actions under settings to rectify the issue

  • Close any or all of the system's applications.

  • Navigate to Tool > Internet Option > Security in Internet Explorer. Select Custom level. 

  • Click the "Enable" button under the "Automatic prompting for Activex control" section.

  • Under "Download unsigned Activex Control," click the "Prompt" button, and then click "OK." 

  • Now download Notepad++ from google and follow the given instructions:

    • Install Notepad++ and go to the utility folder. 

    • Right-click on “wsweb.html” > click on “Edit with Notepad++” 

    • Click after "" tag, and give a space after "" 

How To Avoid JSON Errors In GSTR-9C Filing? 

There are a few requirements before filing the return in order to avoid these problems, including JSON errors:

  • Use JAVA version 8 and above

  • Use Excel 2007 and above

  • Use Excel-Macro enabled

  • Use Internet Explorer 11 or Edge

Additionally, the user should retain all folder files, including the WS Web file, in one folder while downloading/unzipping GSTR-9C. The following details should be submitted in GSTR-9C and GSTR-9, respectively. Otherwise, it can result in an error:

  • Turnover

  • Taxable Turnover

  • Total Amount Paid

  • ITC Claimed

Taxpayers have trouble uploading their balance sheet and profit and loss statement when submitting GSTR-9C. The office firewall prevents downloading such data since the files contain keywords like balance sheet, profit and loss account, etc., which are often classified as sensitive information.

To correctly upload the files, taxpayers should use an open network like the internet. The CA must enter "Nil" in Part-B of GSTR-9C even if there is no qualification. Even after being attached to the system, the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) occasionally fails to display.

The DSC owner must enter "" in the browser address bar and click "Proceed to safety" to make the DSC accessible. On occasion, taxpayers are unable to use emsigner to sign the GSTR-9C. The taxpayers should close all other editors, download them from the GST portal, and then select the "Run as administrator" option to avoid this problem.