What is GST Nil Return?


    Nil GSTR-1 return must be filed by all registered taxpayers compulsorily when there are no sales or supplies during the month or quarter. This guide provides a detailed overview of the Nil return filing process, including the requirements and procedure for filing and the consequences of not filing a NILreturn. It also discusses the importance of maintaining accurate records and the implications of non-compliance with GST regulations. By following the guidelines provided in this guide, taxpayers can ensure the timely and accurate filing of their Nil returns and avoid penalties for non-compliance. Overall, this guide is useful for businesses seeking to maintain GST compliance and avoid potential issues.

    How to file Nil GSTR-1 Return?

    Below is a step-by-step guide to filing a Nil GSTR-1 return:

    Step 1: Log in to the GST Portal.

    Step 2: In the drop-down, go to Services and select the returns dashboard

    Step 3: from the drop-down, select the month and year of the filing.

    Step 4: Under the GSTR-1 tile, select Prepare Online

    Step 5: Select Generate GSTR-1 summary

    Step 6: Select the checkbox and click on Preview.

    Step 7: Finally, click Submit, and then you can file your return using either DSC or EVC.

    Depending on your selection, click “File GSTR-1 with DSC” or “File GSTR-1 with EVC” to submit your Nil GSTR-1. An acknowledgement reference number indicating the return has been filed will be shown once submitted.

    Why Is It Necessary to File a Nil GST Return?

    A registered GST dealer must submit a nil return if no outward taxable supplies were made during the month for which the return is being prepared.

    A registered taxpayer must fill out several details about his tax liability and outward supplies in filings like GSTR-3B and GSTR-1. However, a person with no sales does not need to fill out all of the information that a typical taxpayer would submit with regard to his returns on the GSTN Network.

    Who needs to submit a Nil GSTR-1?

    Even if there is no business activity, such as monthly or quarterly sales, taxpayers must submit a GSTR-1 form. Under these circumstances, a dealer must file a Nil GSTR-1. All taxable and exempt items are included in the outward supplies.

    Benefits Of Filing NIL GST Return On Busy

    Below are some of the benefits of filing NIL GST return on Busy


    Filing a GST Nil Return is an essential compliance requirement for all registered taxpayers under the GST system. It ensures that the tax authorities know the taxpayer has not made any taxable supplies during the given tax period. Failing to file a Nil Return can result in penalties and legal consequences. Therefore, taxpayers should ensure that they file their Nil Returns promptly and accurately, even if they have not made any taxable supplies. This will not only help them avoid any legal implications but also contribute towards a smooth and efficient GST system.

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