How to Generate E-Way Bills through SMS


Date: 21 Oct 2022

Generating E-way bills through SMS

The web-based feature can be used by someone who needs to generate several e-way bills. Users can utilise the SMS feature to generate e-way bills if they only want to create one or don't have internet access. Many large businesses also benefit from the EWB's SMS function in times of emergency or pressing need.

Steps to generate an E-way bill through SMS

The steps to generate an E-way bill through SMS are as follows:

Step 1: Log in to the E-way bill portal and click on Registration on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Expand the drop-down and select For SMS. 

Step 2: The registered mobile number under GSTIN gets displayed partially. Select Send OTP and enter the OTP generated. To proceed, click on Verify OTP. 

Only mobile numbers with accounts on the website can register for the SMS service. One GSTIN can have a maximum of two mobile numbers registered against it. If your mobile number was used to generate more than one User ID, you must choose the desired User ID/username and click Submit.


Format for generating E-way bills through SMS

To generate an e-way bill on a mobile device, text 77382 99899. Each parameter must have a blank space next to it. 

The SMS format for E-way bill generation for transporters is:

EWBT TranType SuppGSTIN RecGSTIN DelPinCode InvNo InvDate TotalValue HSNCode ApprDist Vehicle

The SMS format for E-way bill generation for suppliers is -

EWBG TranType RecGSTIN DelPinCode InvNo InvDate TotalValue HSNCode ApprDist Vehicle

Each of the parameters must be filled appropriately:

  • EWBG- e-Way Bill Generate Key Word denotes the act.

  • TranType- Transaction Type must be referred to the Code list.

  • RecGSTIN- Recipient’s GSTIN (GST Identification Number).

  • DelPinCode- PIN Code of Place of Delivery.

  • InvNo- GST Invoice or Bill Number of the document of the supplier.

  • InvDate- Invoice or Bill Date of the document of the supplier.

  • TotalValue- Total Value of goods as per Invoice/Bill document in Rupees.

  • HSNCode- HSN Code of the first Commodity.

  • ApprDist- Distance in km from the consignor to the consignee.

  • Vehicle- Vehicle Number in which the goods are being transported.


SMS format for updating vehicle details 

Only the taxpayer or transporter who generated the e-waybill may alter the vehicle's information. Furthermore, according to the distance specified in the e-Way Bill, vehicle details may be updated during the term of validity. The following SMS format must be used to update information on the vehicle transporting the consignment:

EWBV EWBNO Vehicle ReasCode

  • EWBV- E-way Bill Vehicle Updating Keyword.

  • EWBNo- 12 digits E-Way Bill number for which the new vehicle has to be added

  • Vehicle- Vehicle number for the movement of goods

  • ReasCode-Reason Code to indicate why the vehicle number is being added.


SMS format for cancelling an E-way bill

An E-way bill can be terminated within 24 hours of generating it, and a verified E-way bill cannot be cancelled. The SMS format used to cancel an E-way bill is:


EWBC- E-Way Bill Cancellation Keyword

EWBNo- 12 digits E-Way Bill Number, which has to be cancelled


Generating E-way bills through SMS is introduced to help people avail of the E-way bill even if they cannot access the internet. Other approaches to generating an e-way bill are covered in our other articles. The documentation of the transactions is made simpler and more efficient with an e-way bill.