Eway Bill Rules And Generation Process under GST For Telangana


Date: 27 Dec 2022

Eway Bill under GST in Telangana

Telangana's government is renowned for continually strengthening its information technology infrastructure. This is evident from the quantity of reforms implemented since the formation in June 2014. The Telangana Government also had a temporary waybill system in place during the GST era prior to the Centre-led e-way bill system taking off to ensure that good governance and compliance systems were in place.

Waybills In Telangana: Document Applicable During VAT 

In the State, there were both VAT and CST waybills. Every dealer who transported goods by a Goods Vehicle inside the State was required to carry original and duplicate copies of printed waybills in Form X, sometimes known as Form 600, issued by the State Government or Commissioner. At the first checkpoint, the carrier passed, and the original copy of the waybill had to be given to the officer in charge.

When products entered the state from another state, the waybills created there were accepted together with the tax invoice or other legal documentation.

Starting on December 1st, 2015, all dealers in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, as well as the R.R. Districts, were required to use electronically generated waybills rather than manual ones. In lieu of the required Waybill, manufacturers who had to convey products might present the gate-cum-invoice they had generated. He had to ensure that the TIN was prominently displayed on such a bill.

Whether Movements Of Goods In Telengana Need E-Way Bill

Yes, the State of Telangana requires that e-way bills be created and used. Starting on February 10, 2018, the business tax department's State Portal will allow e-way invoices to be created for the transfer of products within the State (intra-state transport).

Until the State announces a timetable for the adoption of e-way bills on the shared NIC site for the intra-state movement of goods, this must be adhered to.

As of April 1, 2018, customers must begin using the common NIC portal or the e-way bill portal for the transportation of products across State borders (inter-state transport).

E-Way Bill Within Telangana: Rules And Procedures Of Intermediary System

The Telangana e-way bill portal's intermediary rules, which are set down for the intra-state movement of goods, are modelled after the CGST regulations. - When should I produce e-way bills?

E-way bills must be created and transported with the commodities being transported for any movement of goods worth more than Rs. 50,000 within the state of Telangana.

Who is required to produce Eway bills? In the state of Telangana, if the supplier is not registered, but the recipient is, then the recipient must produce e-way bills.

-Procedure If they still need to, registered individuals who are initially required to generate waybills should register at www.tgct.gov.in/gstwaybill. Log in to the aforementioned website after registering to create an e-waybill. Make three copies of the print. Give the owner or the other person in charge of the goods vehicle the original and a duplicate of the document, both officially signed by him, his manager, or agent. When an official verifies or inspects items in transit for the first time in the State, they must be accompanied by the original copy. The person in charge of the vehicle must keep the copy.

-Based on the distance, the validity time is fixed. A period is measured from the time the Form Waybill was created:

The validity term is two (2) days from the day and time of generation if the travel distance from the point of origin to the point of destination is less than 100 KM.

(b) The validity term is three (3) days from the day and time of generation if the travel distance between the origin and destination of the products is between 101 and 500 kilometres.

(c) The validity term is ten (10) days from the day and time of generation if the travel distance between the origin and destination of the products is between 1001 and 2000 kilometres.

(d) The validity term is ten (12) days from the day and time of generation if the travel distance from the origin of the products to the destination is between 2001 KMs and above. - Situations where e-way bills are not necessary E-waybill production using the method above is not appropriate in the following situations:

 1) transportation of alcoholic beverages intended for human consumption

(2) Crude petroleum 

(3) High-speed diesel (HSD)

(4). Motor spirit (commonly known as petrol)

(5) Natural gas 

(6) Fuel for aeroplane turbines. - Important details include the following: If the vehicle number is unknown and the products are given to the transporter for transportation, the person might record the same in the waybill form.

When more than one goods vehicle is used to transport items covered by a single invoice, a separate "Waybill" must be created for each vehicle.

How To Register On the Telangana Portal For Intra-State Generation Of E-Way Bills 

Step1: Visit the Tportal at https://www.tgct.gov.in .

On the home page, select the "TGST Waybill Login" link.



Step 2: The word "GSTIN Registration for Online E-waybill Services" that is hyperlinked and located at the bottom of the previous page should be clicked.


Step 3: The e-way bill portal's main page for NIC appears. To register for an e-Way bill, select the Registration tab.



Step 4: Step 4: Complete the form in accordance with the instructions provided in our guide to registering an e-way bill.

Complete OTP verification is required for successful e-way bill registration.

How To Generate E-Way Bill On Telangana Portal or Intra State Movement Of E-Way Bills 

Step 1: After signing in to the Telangana portal, the dashboard shown below appears:


Step2: Under the 'EWAYBILLS' Option, select 'Generate Waybills'.

Step 3: Fill out every required field on the screen. Download the spreadsheet and enter all the transactional information, including the recipient or supplier and the vehicle. By selecting "Upload File," you can upload a file.


Step 4: Check that the entries are accurate, then click "Submit" to continue. once delivered. Eway bills are created in PDF format. For use, download and print the same.

How To Register And Generate Eway Bill On NIC Portal

Starting on April 1, 2018, eway bills must be generated through the NIC site for interstate transportation of goods throughout India. Once the State of Telangana notifies suppliers of the applicability of e-way bill production from the NIC portal, suppliers must begin using this portal rather than the Telangana portal. The NIC portal is accessible to the following taxpayers:

Certified Vendors Transporters: Registered and Unregistered Unauthorised Suppliers To generate the e-Way Bills, registration on the portal is required. We offer a thorough tutorial on how to sign up for the NIC portal and create e-way invoices.

Busy accounting software makes the process of the generation of e-way bills simple.