How to Register on the E-Way Bill Portal


Date: 24 Aug 2022

How to register on the E-way bill portal?

A registered taxpayer must go through the e-way bill registration process to generate an e-way bill. Taxpayers can fall into one of three categories concerning e-way bills: registered suppliers, registered or unregistered transporters, or unregistered suppliers. The registered mobile number with the GST system and the registered GSTIN of the taxpayer or transporter (if registered) are prerequisites for registration on the E-Way Bill portal.

What is an E-way bill?

Electronic Way Bill is referred to as the e-way bill. A Goods and Service Tax (GST) E-way bill is a form used to record the transport of goods. A GST-registered taxable person who transports goods valued at more than Rs. 50,000 must have an E-way bill created on the GST Portal. With the touch of a button, e-way bills can be automatically generated and shared with customers or suppliers. 

Registration for registered taxpaying transporters

The following steps are completed as part of the registration process for licensed, tax-paying transporters:

Step 1: Log on to the e-way bill portal (

Step 2: Click on e-way bill registration and enter GSTIN and the captcha code. Then click on Go.

Step 3: After submitting the request, you will be redirected to the e-way bill registration form. The form automatically fills in the applicant's name, trade name, address, and mobile number.

Step 4: Click on Send OTP and receive a code on your registered mobile number. After receiving the OTP, enter it into the system and then click on Verify OTP. By taking this action, the entered data and OTP will both be validated. 

Step 5: Make a new user ID and password; type in the new user ID and select a password of your choice. If there is a mistake in the information you entered, the system verifies it and displays an error notice. The user ID and password will be generated once all the information has been entered accurately.

Registration for unregistered transporters

An unregistered transporter would have to use an alternative method for registering on the e-way bill portal by using the business details.

Step 1: Log on to the e-way bill portal (

Step 2: Click on Enrollment for Transporters

Step 3: An e-way bill registration form will be launched. The form would contain some compulsory fields that would be star marked (*) and some non-compulsory areas. The form must be filled out with the information listed below:

  • Select your State

  • Your name as per PAN

  • Trade name, if any

  • After entering the PAN number, click on Validate. An option to fill in the remaining details will appear.

  • Select a Type of Enrollment

  • Constitution of Business

  • Particulars of Principal Place of Business

  • Add Aadhar Card Information

    • Building No. / Flat No.*

    • Floor No.*

    • Name of the Premises / Building*

    • Road / Street*

    • City / Town / Locality / Village*

    • Taluka / Block*

    • District*

    • PIN Code*

    • State*

    • Latitude

    • Longitude

    • Email Address

    • Telephone Number with STD

    • Fax Number with STD

    • Nature of Premises

  • Add Aadhar Card Information

    • Do you have the Aadhar number of the Proprietor or the Main person of the Company / Firm (Select Yes or No)

    • If ‘Yes’ is selected, tick a box authorizing the GSTN to obtain one’s details from UIDAI for verification.

    • Aadhar No* (Prop. or the Main person of Company / Firm)

    • Name*

    • Mobile No* 

    • Click on Verify Detail & Send OTP button, after which an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.

    • Verify OTP Received from Aadhar*. Once the OTP is entered, click on Verify OTP button, which will complete the Aadhar verification process.

  • Upload Address and ID proof

  • Add login details - Username, Password, and Confirm Password

  • Click on the check box verifying that the added information is correct, and then click on Save.

Step 4: Following your form submission, the e-way bill portal will generate a 15-digit Transporter ID or TRANS ID and the user credentials, concluding the e-way bill registration procedure.

Step 5: The transporter can now give their clients this 15-digit Transporter ID to include in their e-way bill. To move the consignment, the transporter can now access the same on the e-way bill portal and enter the vehicle number.

Goods received from an Unregistered Supplier

When a registered receiver receives products from an unregistered supplier, the registered receiver must follow all the instructions for generating an e-Way Bill as if he were the actual source of those items. As a result, the receiver must produce an e-Way Bill.


Therefore, as necessary, the steps mentioned above must be fulfilled to register yourself on the e-way bill portal. For transactions carried out by registered or unregistered transporters and registered or unregistered suppliers, the e-way bill is an essential and simple means of billing that must be generated.


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