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BUSY is a simple GST compliant business accounting software that has everything you need to grow your business.

  • Multi-company Accounting
  • Inventory / Stock Management
  • Configurable GST Billing
  • Comprehensive GST Module
  • MIS Reports and Analysis
  • Mobile App
BUSY - Best GST Accounting Software for growing Small Business

Advanced GST Features at a Glance​

E-Way Bill Generation

Generate Your E-Way Bill automatically

BUSY - Best GST Accounting Software for growing Small Business

Generate Your E-Invoice
without going to Portal

GSTR 1/2A/3B Reconciliation

Reconcile Your GSTR 2A/2B automatically

GSTIN Validation

Validate Your Party GSTIN with a Single Click

gst e-way bill

E-Way Bill

BUSY Accounting Software offers auto-generation of E-way bill without even going to GST / E-way bill portal. It provides unmatched solutions and makes the whole process of generating E-way Bill very simple and quick. Includes features like GSTIN error checking, Auto calculate distance, E-way Bill for multiple transactions, Auto cancellation, etc.


BUSY Accounting software provides auto-generation of E-invoice without even going to the E-invoice portal. Features offered by BUSY include, Error Checking while generating e-Invoice, Generation of e-Invoice for multiple vouchers, Auto cancellation of E-invoice on canceling the existing voucher, etc.

gst e-way invoice
gstr reconciliation

GSTR 2A/2B Reconciliation

In the GST regime, we can claim ITC only if our suppliers have filed their GST returns. Now, checking the returns filed by supplies at invoice level on the GST portal is next to impossible. BUSY automatically checks the returns filed by our suppliers and matches them with purchase data as fed in BUSY and shows the discrepancies.

GSTIN Validation

Data accuracy is most important in the GST era as slight inaccuracy in data may lead to denial of Input Tax Credit and attract a penalty. BUSY validates party GSTIN online (without going to the GST portal) at the data entry time and provides you all the details related to GSTIN, which gets validated immediately.


Other Salient Features to Boost Your Business

multi location inventory

Multi-location Inventory

With the expansion of business grows the requirement to manage warehouses at various locations. BUSY helps you monitor it efficiently.


GST Billing to Return Filing

Manage GST Billing, GSTIN Validation, GSTR 1/2A/3B Reconciliation, E-way Bill Generation, GST returns and much more for your business.

flexible configurable

Configurable Invoicing

Create and configure professional invoices as per your business requirement and start getting paid faster.

multi branch management software

Multi-branch Management

Manage multiple branches in online / offline mode. It is useful for those companies which have offices at various locations.

mobile app

Mobile App

Access all your business data like Accounts, Ledger, Stock Status, Pending Bills and much more directly on your Mobile Phone.

business mgmt

MIS Reports and Analysis

Make informed decisions based on MIS reports and Improve your business processes.

FAQ`s on BUSY Free Trial

What is BUSY free Trial?

The BUSY Free Trial includes free access to our most popular BUSY features for 30 days from the creation of the first voucher date.

Who is eligible for BUSY Free Trial?

Anyone who has previously not signed up for BUSY 30 Day Free Trial is eligible.

Do I pay anything to start BUSY free Trial?

No. Starting is free, you can experience the power of BUSY for 30 days.

Do I have to pay something after 30 days?

At the end of your first 30 days, you can continue using your BUSY products by upgrading it to the Edition of your choice. BUSY has three editions under its ambit. It starts with Basic Edition at a price point of ₹9,000 + GST.

What happens with the products if I don’t upgrade?

If you decide not to upgrade at the end of 30 days, the BUSY you have deployed will stop working, and you will only be able to access your data of that period. You can always come back to us to upgrade your BUSY.

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md rspl


Niraj Gupta

Managing Director
Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd.

Company Logo

"We are using BUSY for the past 20 Years. With its comprehensive feature capabilities like Multiple branch management, Multiple Godown management, GST, Royalties, etc. It played a pivotal role in our success and has made managing our business with ease. It is a kind of magic wand if you wish anything they give it to you."

md ims mercantiles


Amit Saraf

Managing Director
IMS Mercantiles Pvt. Ltd.

Digitek Company Logo

" In BUSY, Managing Inventory at various locations, Serial No.-wise tracking, Different Pricing for various SKUs has proved to be a boon for us. The backup utility program present in BUSY keeps us worry-free and allows you to focus on your work. BUSY is a Customer Friendly Software Company with amazing backend support. "

md dns global


Rajan Dhingra

Managing Director
DNS Global

Digitek Company Logo

" For accounting we are mostly dependant upon BUSY. It is very user-friendly and we have been using it for past 25 years for catering our clients of various business segments. Implementation of GST is the smoothest in BUSY. At click of a button you can come out with GST Returns and GSTR 2A Reconciliation is also very smooth. "

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