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You can easily auto-generate E-way Bill with BUSY. Our e-way bill software connects seamlessly with the GST Portal and helps you generate an E-way Bill quickly without needing to go to the GST Portal.

  • Auto E-Way Bill Generation
  • Auto GSTIN / HSN Validation
  • Auto GSTR-1 / 2A / 3B Reconciliation
  • E-Returns in JSON format
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Why Choose BUSY Accounting Software ?​

GSTR 1/2A/3B Reconciliation

Simple and easy to use (doesn’t require accounting knowledge).

GSTR 1/2A/3B Reconciliation

Highly flexible to accommodate diverse business needs.

GSTR 1/2A/3B Reconciliation

Scalable as per your

growing business needs.

GSTR 1/2A/3B Reconciliation

In-built GSP features like (Auto E-way Bill, GSTR 2A, E-Invoicing, etc.).

Generate E-Way Bill Effortlessly with BUSY

The e-way billing feature introduced by BUSY caters to a variety of businesses by helping them effortlessly
generate E-Way Bill for their business without even going to the portal. It is highly accessible and scalable
and allows lakhs of E-Way Bill to be generated at one point of time.

Error Checking E-Way Bill

Error Checking

Numerous data validations are provided to ensure data accuracy before generating the E-way Bill. It is almost impossible to escape any data error before generating E-way Bill.

Generation of E-way Bill

Generation of E-way Bill

Users can select various vouchers from a single screen and generate individual E-way Bill for each transaction in one shot.

Auto Calculate Distance E-way Bill

Auto-calculates distance

In the case of E-way Bill generation, BUSY auto-calculates the distance between the place where the goods will be dispatched to the location where the goods need to be delivered based on PIN Code.

What is an E-way Bill?

The electronic way of generating bills is referred to as the e-way bill. A Goods and Service Tax (GST) E-way bill is a form used to record the transport of goods. A GST-registered taxable person who transports goods valued at more than Rs. 50,000 must have an E-way bill created on the GST Portal. With the touch of a button, e-way bills can be automatically generated and shared with customers or suppliers. For more information on e-way bills, you can read our e-way bill guide.


Benefits of E-way Bill


Less documentation:

The transportation of goods would no longer necessitate a substantial amount of state-specific documentation. The RGID device in the vehicle transporting consignments regularly is another benefit to transporters. The vehicle owner no longer needs to carry physical copies of the e-way bill because the RGIC device already in the car can map and verify them.

Simple and quick generation of e-way bills:

Through the online portal established by the government, e-way bills are generated quickly. Moreover, the portal and e-way bill system are quite simple and user-friendly. Dealers can self-generate e-way bills using the technology, which is now considered a simple task.


Fast and efficient transportation:

The complete transportation system is now considerably faster and more effective due to the introduction of e-way bills. It decreased the "n" number of checkpoints that crossed state borders and interstates.

Cost reduction:

Electronic method bills lower logistics costs by promoting accurate invoicing and preventing tax evasion.


How to generate an E-Way Bill?

The E-Way bill portal offers a simple method for creating e-way bills (single and consolidated), changing the vehicle number on an existing EWB, cancelling new e-way bills, and many other features.

In EWB-01, there are four methods for generating e-way bills:

What is the link between an E-Way Bill and an E-Invoice?

An e-way bill's first section, Part A, contains details about the invoice, such as the sender and recipient's GSTINs, the invoice number, the delivery address, the HSN codes, etc. Part B contains the transporter's identification number, vehicle number, and other data. The taxpayer manually edits the invoice data and transporter information according to the current procedure before generating both parts using the e-way bill portal.

The implementation of e-invoicing will also impact the e-way bill system. Current users of the e-way bill portal can log in to the e-invoice portal using the same credentials without having to register again. When e-invoicing is established, e-way bills will be automatically filled out from the e-invoicing portal, in contrast to the existing method.

Impact of E-Way Bill integration with E-Invoicing on businesses

Integrating the e-invoicing and e-way bill systems to streamline and automate the process. The government has additionally linked e-way bills to the submission of GST returns. For taxpayers with two or more consecutive outstanding GST returns, the generation of e-way bills would be banned. The following benefits for the firms will result from these integrations:

  • 1. Easy compliance for taxpayers
  • 2. Ensuring accuracy through automated processes.
  • 3. Reduced tax evasion will benefit the government as well.

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"We are using BUSY for the past 20 Years. With its comprehensive feature capabilities like Multiple branch management, Multiple Godown management, GST, Royalties, etc. It played a pivotal role in our success and has made managing our business with ease. It is a kind of magic wand if you wish anything they give it to you."

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" In BUSY, Managing Inventory at various locations, Serial No.-wise tracking, Different Pricing for various SKUs has proved to be a boon for us. The backup utility program present in BUSY keeps us worry-free and allows you to focus on your work. BUSY is a Customer Friendly Software Company with amazing backend support. "

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" For accounting we are mostly dependant upon BUSY. It is very user-friendly and we have been using it for past 25 years for catering our clients of various business segments. Implementation of GST is the smoothest in BUSY. At click of a button you can come out with GST Returns and GSTR 2A Reconciliation is also very smooth. "


1. Why should the transporter register for the e-way bill system?

Some transporters could move goods for their customers despite not being registered under the Goods and Services Tax Act. To receive a 15-digit Unique Transporter Id, they must enrol on the e-way bill portal.

2. Who can generate an e-way bill?

The consignor or consignee can generate the e-way bill in their capacity as a registered individual or a transporter of the goods. Unregistered transporters are permitted to register on the common portal and generate e-way bills for the transfer of goods on behalf of their clients. Anyone can sign up and create an e-way bill for personal usage for goods transport.

3. What should be done if there is an error or incorrect entry in the e-way bill?

The e-way bill cannot be altered or corrected if an error or wrong entry is made. The only alternative is to cancel the e-way bill and generate a new one with the correct information.

4. Does the e-way bill have a validity period?

Yes. The distance the products must be transported determines whether the e-way bill is valid. One day's validity has been granted for every 100 KMs or portion of its movement in the event of a regular vehicle or transportation method. Additionally, one day's validity is offered for Over Dimensional Cargo Vehicles for every 20 KMs or portion of their trip. Additionally, this validity expires at midnight on the last day.

5. What changes are required in an e-way bill if the vehicle breaks down?

When goods are transported with an EWB, and a vehicle breaks down, the transporter can get the vehicle repaired and continue travelling with the same EWB. If he needs to switch vehicles, he must enter the new vehicle information in the EWB using the "Update vehicle number" option in Part B and continue the trip in the new vehicle within the EWB's initial validity period.

6. Is the temporary vehicle number acceptable for the generation of e-way bills?

Yes, to generate an e-way bill, a temporary vehicle number can also be entered.

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